3-way tie for first in the west

If we don’t squander aTm and KJ healthy for LSU, who knows, might be at the top of the west! Not that far off. Just takes healthy players and keeping great coaches. OL manhandled this week. Maybe our OL coach is ok? Need consistency. Keep recruiting. NIL can change things. Go Hogs!


If my aunt had nuts she’d be my uncle.

I get what you’re saying but injuries, coaching mistakes, and recruiting are all part of the game. It’s why some are playing for championships and some aren’t. Great recruiting mitigates injury impact. Great recruiting can mitigate coaching mistakes. Great coaches can mitigate player mistakes. It’s the sum of all parts.


Sure but the sum right now checks a lot of boxes.

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With a healthy KJ, I think Arkansas would have beaten Liberty and LSU. The record would be 8-3 and the feeling about this team would be a lot different.


If Moo U beats the Flopnecks (how the hell do you get cramps on a 26-degree night?) and we beat Misery, it’s a 3-way tie for third in the West. But Moo U would have beaten both of us, for what that matters.

Get to 4-4 in the league is the big thing.


I thought the key to the season was beating BYU and Ole Miss. I figured KJ would play well against OM. Some other things did not play out close to I figured.

Yes, oline looked much better.

How do you give up 700 plus yards and the game is basically over at the beginning of the third quarter? Coach K was subdued as you will ever see after the game… doesn’t happen often. Good on the Hogs to get the breaks that seem to always go against them with the turnovers.

Checks some boxes for sure. We’re not where we need to be yet and I think we’re a couple of recruiting classes away. I big recruiting priority is QB and I think that’s going to have to come from the portal. It’s going to be hard to get someone though with KJ coming back but we need a serviceable QB2 at least.

My point was just it’s part of the game.

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With the designed QB runs and the physicality of his running style, it’s not very likely KJ can make it through a complete season fairly healthy. We saw it last year too just not to the degree of this year. You have to have a backup that can run the offense. Understandably, it may not be to the level KJ does but someone that can give you a decent chance to win a game, especially a non-conference game.

Few quarterbacks make it through a season healthy, no matter the offense. Ask the Alabama QB.

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And his style increases the odds. Bryce got injured on a scramble when he was tackled. It’s the SEC and you better have a least a serviceable backup.

Let’s see what Tennessee does

I expect to see a drop off from their Heisman candidate. I’ve not said anywhere I expect to see QB2 to be just as good as anyone’s QB1.

Many on here have repeatedly commented how close we were to being a 1 loss or 2 loss team, which would put us in the top 25 or better. Most top 25 programs have a serviceable QB2.

As bad a our defense has been this year, it is a stretch to imagine us as Western Division winners. We did look pretty salty against Ole Miss even giving up 700 yards.

Two losses based only on our schedule and the Starkville trip co-mingled among two nonconference trap games when we might better have a breather for needed recovery. I felt the LSU and Ole Miss, both home games were wins. I expected the loss to BAMA but not A&M. Looking back the secondary made the defense a high-risk component when combined with KJ’s uneven performance and injury results in the disappointments. Saturday was very close to the “what-could-have-been” had this defense been on the field from Missouri State. Clearly, lacking an SEC second QB was costly and must require a major recruiting effort.

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