3 top 25 player's in-state..


I don’t follow women’s hoops as much, I only see one posted from AR, who are the other 2?

The 2020 class is an impressive one.

Morris from NLR and Franklin from Fayetteville

Not trying to be rude, but when I looked at the list, I only saw one in the Top 25, Morris was listed at 96, and I still haven’t seen Franklin. Am I seeing a different list?

There are several pages of it.

I assume he is talking about top 25 at their positions, not overall

2018 \t3 \t1 \t50 \tG \tChristyn Williams \tPlayer Video \tAR \t5’ 10" \t\tCentral Arkansas Christian (North Little Rock, AR)
2018 \t96 \t20 \t40 \tP \tYo’Myris Morris \t\tAR \t6’ 2" \t\tNorth Little Rock HS (North Little Rock, AR)
2018 \t147 \t24 \t40 \tF \tJasmine Franklin \t\tAR \t6’ 0" \t\tFayetteville High School
2018 \t\t\t30 \tG \tLia Enos \t\tAR \t5’ 8" \tSaint Louis \tShiloh Christian
2018 \t\t\t00 \tPG \tRaija Todd \t\tAR \t5’ 7" \t\t
2018 \t\t\t00 \tPG \tWhitney Waggner \t\tAR \t5’ 2" \t\tRiverside HS (AR)

How does our chances stack up with each?

Williams is still talking about wanting to leave and obviously has her choice of programs.

I understand chances are very good with the other two