3 thoughts: On who is third in SEC, targeting, loud home field

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Excellent point on targeting. I watched a play in the North Carolina State/Clemson game where their was a horrible helmet to helmet hit with no call whatsoever.

The call on Cooley was bogus.

But what do you expect from Curles crew?

I’m watching the replay right now. Just before half 3rd and 3 for the Hogs RW took a helmet to helmet hit that was not called. Inconsistent.

Matt, I agree with your wife. After the third down sack of Kelly (with approximately 2:00 minutes left in the 4th), I said to myself that this is the loudest this stadium has ever been; and I’m including all of the Alabama games. The crowd absolutely erupted after that play.

You should listen to your wife more often. :shock:

Trust me, she is heard loud and clear. She’s the smartest person I know.

Great article.

Shortly after the Coley penalty, Cantrell was drilled in a much more vicious and seemingly intended helmet to helmet hit. There was no call.

That’s the problem I have with it all–its enforcement is all over the map.

I agree that player safety needs to be addressed. But, it shouldn’t be used to eject important players (who then have to miss additional portions of games) like Coley on hits with very little, if any, helmet to helmet contact–all of which appeared unintended and not forceable.

My thought on your two questions. Without Chad Kelley, Ole Miss had no offense. There defense was also not exceptional. We have heard WRs were the best in the SEC. I think ours are as good are better.

The targeting rule is awful. You can charge a player with unnecessary roughness but this rule is too inconsistent. a defensive back cannot always keep from following though. Also what if the runner ducks his head when hit and causes the contact. There are two many ways for the refs to mess this up.

I agree that player safety needs to be addressed. I agree that the rule shouldn’t be used to eject players, there should be a review (like the NFL does) and then let the SEC officials handle it. As for Coley, yes he was pulling up and didn’t lead with the helmet, but he contacted a “defenseless” (I think that rule needs tweaked) receiver above the shoulders, watch it closely the guys head snaps back, by definition of the rule, that is targeting. Now, I also agree with one of the posts above, it’s very inconsistent in the way it’s called, and yes I think both RWill and Cantrell were both victims of targeting that wasn’t called.

The personal foul on Austin when the defender almost ripped his head off should also be grounds for ejecting a player. I see Austin get hit in the head on a fairly regular basis with no call.

Agree 100%