3 thoughts from Arkansas’ loss today


Good analysis, Scottie. Brazile played timid today, which really shocked me. I still think he can be a hybrid Gafford/ Portis player for us, and we really need him to be.

I think AB getting in foul trouble hurt us…a lot. We need AB on the court simply because we are not a half court team. This team HAS to run to be successful, and AB is the engine.


I was there. TX was physical and we were not, as one might expect as young team.

We do not have natural deep shooters for three like a TX, which is concerning as makes one dimensional and a Beard and others will just jam middle and make us prove otherwise. We could not prove otherwise.

We have very nice young talent.

But little if any upper class help.

It’s like relying on Scottie and Corliss to carry team as freshmen.

I’m sure Muss pretty much could foresee this whipping coming to us today although he may not of known exactly how bad it was going to be.
He’s been dropping hints off and on for the past month about how much the team was lacking in
certain areas which were all more or less revealed today.
Today was no doubt a valuable building tool and it couldn’t have came at a better time.

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Council, Devo, Graham and Mekhi Mitchell need to step up and be leaders for this team. No excuses for these 4 guys.

Devo leading. What we need from Devo is the ability to make open shots at a decent percentage.

Devo’s turnover to assist ratio looked a lot better than nick smiths did. What we need from devo is his tenacity on defense, rebounding, and taking care of the basketball. We have scorers. Hell we even have a couple of shooters. And there ain’t no way in heck that Mitchell should take more shots than nick smith or the hot hand of the night Jordan Walsh. I’ve never been sold on Jalen Graham, Rickey Council, and the Mitchell twins and if they are half of our rotation this year I’m concerned. We got other guys that need to see the floor. We have plenty of talent and guys have to earn it. My main takeaways from the box score having not watched the game is a huge sigh of relief about Jordan Walsh being capable of what we need from him, and then Jalen Graham and Trevon Brazile being the most overrated players in Razorback history if I believed everything I’d read on this message board.

Who here watched the game? Are you posting your comments from stat sheet, radio or actually seeing the game?

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Couple other notes. Moody Center is beautiful and worthy of some hype. It seems maybe half the size of Bud and with Beard about to take UT to new levels, I’m already hearing boosters say they wish it were larger.

We do not appear as a team we have shooting range beyond 12 feet and if need threes, as we did when down, don’t seem to have many if any options. O and D rebounding was bad and very little blocking out and when did, we were out physically matched.

Bright spots for us? Many. We have definite talent and are long and athletic. Some years in not distant past before Muss, we talked at times of how team has no basketball IQ. We have basketball IQ. We just are not ready for this level. Beard and TX and fans took beating us seriously. We have a big or two who can play and we desperately need O and D rebounders. Nick Smith is as advertised. Black has potential but can’t get away with playing point like in high school when serious pressure comes. To me the single best contributor was Jordan Walsh and son and I agreed we wish he would play entire games. I’m low today following that beating, and to our hated rival. We want talent and we have it. Now we have to see if this will come together or be like some Calipari teams that don’t quite get the talent to work


I certainly would not go as far to say Texas is a “superior program”

Far from it.

They were a much superior team yesterday, in one EXHIBITION game.


This game will adjust the player’s thinking and hopefully refocus them. Muss knew this was coming, he ranted about their constant “retraining” on basics which happens with this many new players taking prominent roles. The learning curve is not over and it may be several more losses before they become a team. Muss is the man to get them there however.

One thought I came back to while listening to the game: Texas played Houston, a potential national champion, last week and Arkansas played D2 Rogers State. Texas had been sharpened. This was Arkansas’ sharpening.


And not that I have a great memory, but it seems to me that Muss’s teams start the seasons slow, with us in shock, before agreeing to his terms of play. Once they accept their roles, they goooooooooo …


We are probably going to get slapped around another time or two in non-conference, and the first half of the conference schedule will have some bumps. It may even take a little longer for this team to hit full stride than the last couple because of youth. But an exhibition in October really is not a decent predictor of where we will be in March.

I agree. Maybe I was too strong in dissapointment in suggesting we got beat by a better program.

But sitting there watching entire game, Beard and TX are very serious this year.

Lots of shooters w range which was probably biggest contrast to me in addition to their physical strength.

Muss will fix the bad rebounding etc. And will make us more physical and tough.

We have talent which is the good news.

Being there in person all I can say is that exhibition or not, our rival took us to the wood shed.

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Scottie, terrific analysis. Unfortunately, I could only listen to the game, but what I kept hearing the first 16-17 minutes of the first half was positive (except for the TOs). Especially when I kept hearing Mahki’s name. It sounded like he was, for the first time, performing up to his potential coming out of high school (top 70 solid 4-star recruit). Hopefully, that’s what was happening, and not just a one-time first-half burst.

I also loved what I was hearing about Walsh in the 2nd half. It seemed he was the only Hog player that fit the label, “when the going got tough, the tough got going”. He just didn’t have any teammates on this night, that fit that label. I just wish I could have watched the game and not trying to make sense of what I was hearing.

Hopefully, this was just what this very young, but talented, team needed. Maybe they’ll come out of this game realizing they just thought they were playing and practicing hard. I would like to see the next couple of Muss’ practices almost as much as I want to see their first game against N Dakota State.


I’m anxious to watch us.

I hope our length and athleticism along with Muss’s ability to teach defense leads to lots of steals and fast break points to offset the (seemingly) lack of points from the arc.

Oklahoma last year comes to mind

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I was just trying to remember, a few years ago, when a very good, but young, KY team got annihilated in their first regular season game by a really good team.

Well, I found it and it was Duke that beat them 118-84 to open the 2018-19 season. KY went on and tied for the SEC regular season championship and went to the EE that same year.

That gives me a little comfort now, going forward this season.

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Also, remember the jellycats destroyed Kansas in The Phog last year. As much as I hate to say it, it turned out ok for Self and crew.

I’ve moved on from yesterday. We ran into a buzzsaw. It happens. Still hate who it happened against. All sickness is not death (thanks, Coach).

Go Hogs!