3 straight years!

This season has not been what we thought (all could change Sat!), but with all the grumbling, The Hogs have won their first round game 3 yrs in a row! Been a long time since that happened. Should they not win Saturday, they will still be 7- 3 over that time. Program must be pretty good to grip about that (and I think the Hogs should always cut down the nets).


Amen sir. I remember the struggles A) to make the tournament consistently B) just to make it out of the first round.

Nice to see. I want the ten or more NCAA tourneys we missed last 15 years or so, as our appearance total should be higher even. But completely agree with great work getting team in and winning. Fun to see for a proud program.

There have been some fair reasons for grumbling with this season but I don’t think it’s anything beyond that. We’ve been very inconsistent. But I agree with your point completely!

Tournaments we’ve missed this century:
2002 (Nolan’s last year)
2003-04-05 (Stan)
2009-10-11 (Pel)
2012-13-14, 2016, 2019 (MIke)
2020 (COVID; of course no one played in this one)

So, not counting the canceled tournament, that’s 12 of the last 20 we missed.

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Muss deserves a statue!