3 scholarships to filll

I hope the new staff takes a look at Payton Brown from Waldron (verbally committed to UCA). Read he hit 7-8 3 pt in the Real Deal yesterday. With a premium on shoooters this kid can light it up.

I know we need bigs more.

Wouldn’t mind another shooter. We desperately need a couple of big also. Let’s see if any of his current recruits follow.

Not much in the way of current recruits. He signed a juco small forward and has a transfer coming in. We’ll see if Jordan Brown wants to come along.

What’s the rule on transfers? La Tech’s leading scorer Jalen Harris (yes, Jalen Harris), an athletic all-court guard, transferred to Nevada at mid-season last year (January 2018). I don’t see where he played at all this season. Can he transfer again and play immediately since he has set out a year and a half and has never played? He would be a good replacement for ES. He’s an upgrade over what we got out of ES this season.

Harris redshirted this year because of the transfer, according to the Nevada website. He’d lose a year if he transfers again unless he graduates first.

Payton is a 2020 guy. So, won’t be able to help this year. Arkansas was recruiting him, but he was a much lower option than Moody, Thompson and a couple of others.

I believe we will have at least 5 scholarships to fill.

Good catch.

Who you think PJ?

Gabe and Adrio to mid-majors

I have talked to a lot of the top 2020 and 2021 guys in state today about the hire and will have that story up shortly.

I only count two right now unless Garland is moved to medical hardship, which has not happened as of yet.

  1. Joe
  2. Jones
    3, Chaney
  3. Sills
  4. Garland
  5. Henderson
  6. Hill
  7. Bailey
  8. Harris
  9. Gabe O
  10. Ali

Great shooter and that’s it. Not a P5 player. Well below average athlete, undersized for a 2G, not a ball handler at all (even for a combo guard, which he would have to be).

There’s a reason that despite the constant hype, UCA is his only offer.

I’m assuming that Garland never gets cleared.

While that is my giuess as well, until he is moved to medical redshirt, he has to be counted.

You maybe right (I’ve never seen him play), but I’m basing this on the stats I’ve seen from him in AAU play (and not just this weekends game).

I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m right. I’ve seen him play a ton. His HS competition is abysmal. Just awful. Remarkably bad.

And in AAU he snowbirds for easy layups/stat padders and stands in the corner and shoots wide open 3s. I really don’t like it when people downgrade kids on the internet but this kid is really being set up for disappointment.

I keep seeing Hannahs comparisons and the only similarities are that they’re white and can shoot. Dusty is/was a much better athlete, ball-handler, finished and defender (and was in college). It’s not even close.

Arkansas wasn’t actively recruiting him hard and it was the same reason others aren’t.

He is capable of being a role player for a smaller school as a shooter/zone buster off the bench but he simple doesn’t have anything else besides 3-point shooting. Again, not trying to be rude. But, it just isn’t going to happen and shouldn’t.