3 reasons OU beats UGA...

  1. UGA can’t stop Mayfield and company and OU’s offense. OU hangs at least 40.

  2. UGA has a freshman QB and he will make at least one critical error.

  3. While OU may struggle stopping UGA’s run game, Chaney will make one or two bonehead calls that prevent UGA from winning. I do not trust Chaney in a game like this.

While I understand and might agree with two and three, I’ll disagree with one. Mayfield gets benefits from a weak schedule and refs. Not sure he will get those calls today.

As for schedule, the week before AUB I looked up the opponents records of each team being considered for the four spots. OU’s opponents had the least amount of wins out of everyone, but I’m sure the second game against TCU probably got them closer. Clemson, then Bama had the toughest

Oklahoma is 4-0 this year against teams currently in the top 25, including 2-0 in road games and 1-0 in neutral-site games. And all of those teams won their bowl games over top 25 teams. I think OU plays a tougher schedule than most give it credit.

Well, I’ve not seen an offense like OU’s in a long time, if ever. Perceived weak schedule notwithstanding. And I don’t think it was necessarily weak. Beating Ohio St., TCU (2x), Okie State and even Texas isn’t all that easy. We shall see.

Like I said, I looked up wins of opponents. Going into the Iron Bowl, OU’s opponents had the lowest amount of wins, and that included Miami, who played one less game. Some of these Top 25 teams aren’t as good as perceived and didn’t exactly play a “great” team in the bowl.

Guess we have a difference of opinion, but I stand by my statement. OU and Myafield are overrated and get waaaaay to much help from the guys in stripes.

OU’s win at Ohio State is pretty impressive.

And Baker Mayfield has been noticeably absent because of the flu. if he’s not up to par, no chance. OU 's defense is not exactly stellar.

I’m not sure he had the flu. Reading his comments yesterday, makes me think it was another issue.

The Size is an issue but it’s even more important when you have size and speed. UGA has a big Oline and very physical RB’s that can wear down any front, especially a smallish OU front. UGA is going to need to pass a lot to keep safeties from walking up into run support.

I am curious about the ability of UGA to pressure Mayfield with just 4 Dlineman. If UGA can apply pressure without committing the LB’s pass rush then they will have good pass coverage against the very good OU WR’s.

Personally I hope Georgia flattens Mayfield and his oversized ego. Plant a flag smooth up-- well you know

Great post on Facebook from Hognoxious:
[quote][size=150]Go Bulldogs!
Tackle like
Fayetteville Police![/size]

OU making this great SEC defense look silly. Mark Andrews reminds me of Gronk in that he’s a matchup nightmare.

Very impressive

I was wrong about Chaney and Fromm. Both did very well. Great college football game! Congrats UGA.

Beat we see more Wild Dawg in Atlanta.

whats # 4

Yeah right. Of course much easier this morning. Great, great game the way these playoffs games should be. Still, I really enjoyed seeing those blow U folks crying. That is always good.

UGA has some outstanding talent. They adjusted their defense and that was the end.

I look for a close, but high scoring game. I think UGA pulls it out in the end, perhaps in OT or even double OT. Ends up winning something like 54-48. That’s just my best guess.

That was a helluva game! Thoroughly enjoyed every play.

I think it had to do with Baker Mayfield being Baker Mayfield. When OU went up 17, one of the sideline reporters made the comment, he looked at the GA sideline, did a throat slash, and said, “Game Over.” GA outplayed them after that. Reason the LB said Humble Yourself to him. Guess who the National Media thinks did the wrong thing. Yep, you guessed it, the GA LB.

I think it had to do with UGA being the better team. They took over in 2nd half from a “physicality” stand point. NEVER underestimate the SEC!!!