3 Pt Shooting

For those of you that are constantly moaning about our 3 pt shooting, as I mentioned on another thread, many of the top teams are struggling. ie. - Duke was 3-21 from 3 last night and Kansas was 3-19. Kentucky was 7-25. And TCU went 2-21 vs Northwestern St and lost by 1 pt. Great defense will always affect 3 pt shooting percentages. Do we need to improve? Definitely! But, stop complainig all the time about our 3 pt shooting!

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That right there is very true, but the catch is that we have not been playing great defenses. We have not had a game like Duke playing Michigan State or Kansas playing Kentucky. Sure those tough defenses effected the 3pt shooting percentage. Our low percentage is because we are a poor shooting team from range to this point. In part because our 3pt bell cow is nursing his knee right now and it will help when he gets back no doubt.

Just saying its not really apples for apples grabbing stats from those 2 games for comparison.

Like it or not our 3pt shooting is bad. The real question is will we be able to hit enough to prevent other teams from packing the lane where most of our points are coming from at this point in the season.

If we don’t take and make a lot of threes, then we have to make a good percentage of our twos. But, if we take a lot of threes and have a low percentage, then we are going to lose some games when competition picks up, like next week in Maui. And of course, we need to improve our team free throw percentage as well. Right now, I’m sure the coaches are working on all the players technique/routine.

I’ll add that I’m not an analytics guy, but I do understand math and statistics. Points per possession is very important. Shooting percentages, offensive rebounds, turnovers all play into it. You don’t have to shoot three pointers at the same rate as two pointers to understand that.

My early season concern is missing wide-open, uncontested 3’s which are being given to the Hogs until they prove they can make them … if they start proving they can, the spacing for dribble drives and pick and rolls will cause the offense to go to another level.

Last year, JD was only 30% from long range (high volume) … but a lot of his shots were contested, at the end of the shot clock or from VERY deep. At this point, I don’t see Muss giving that kind of green light to anybody but Nick.

IMO Arkansas has to make at least 1/3 of wide-open looks from 3 to reach their most lofty goals. NSJ will certainly help in that area when he returns … but as a group, AB, RC4, Jordan, Devo and Trevon have to be serviceable (30% or more) on uncontested shots from deep for the team to reach its potential.


In limited time, Ricky and Trevon have shown decent accuracy from deep; both are .370 or better. AB and Devo, on the other hand, need to put down the ball and step away from the arc. Nobody else has even tried one.

I think a good defensive team will probably guard the basket and see if this team can make a few threes. Not sure how that turns out. The good news is they may get their own rebound and dunk it.

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