3 point shooting

While everyone is taking about Auburn’s 3 pt shooting, the discussion should be around the Hogs or lack thereof. They are 4th in the number of 3 point attempts but next to last in percentages made. Only Vandy has shot more and made less than us. Interesting the two best teams in the conference have the least amount of attempts but rank 5th and 6th in percentage made. Kentucky is dead last in number of 3 pt attempts and Tn. is 2nd to last.
ma . att %
11 Vanderbilt 197\t603\t\t.327
11 Razorbacks Arkansas\t193\t590\t\t.327\t
11 Tigers LSU . \t181\t554\t\t.327
14 Aggies Texas A&M \t165\t537\t\t.307
6. Kentucky 159\t449\t\t.354
5. Tn. 176\t489\t .360

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