3-Point line moving again?

The NCAA rules committee has approved moving the line back from 20 feet 9 inches to 22 feet 1.75 inches in order to match the distance in international competition.

This bodes very well for pace & space…

Go ahead and go to four, ten minute quarters, with fouls resetting at the end of each.

Also, a trapezoid lane.

I would like all those changes. Never understood why men’s college basketball has stuck with halves and the one and one foul shooting.

The goal should be moved to 11 feet too, in all of basketball.

I like the one and one. It helps a team who can shoot and penalizes those teams who are not good shooters. If you make one, we’ll give you another one.

The 3 point line needs to be moved back. Everybody and their brother fires up 3’s and most of those guys can’t make a 10’ jump shot. The game has gone too far in shooting the 3. Very few medium range shots are taken. Shoot a 3 or make a layup or a dunk.

I watched an NBA playoff game between the Warriors and the Rockets. James Harden held the ball and shot almost every time down court. His teammates just stood off to the side. It was basically like playground basketball…one on one. Harden is a great player, but the NBA game is not team basketball. The individual is the deal and the team is an afterthought.

The dude has one heckuva beard. It looked like a beaver pelt. That has got to be hot. He has a great shot and a beautiful rotation on his jumper. He must have carried Houston on his back this season. I was not impressed with their lineup. Houston needs Anthony Davis…who doesn’t?

The scorers are so good in NBA that if you don’t isolate them you are hurting the team. What you see Harden do is what you see only super scorers do. Super scorers need the ball in their hands to score. The spot up shooters don’t. That is why you don’t see JJ Reddick do what Harden does.

The idea is to isolate Harden one on one and then if they try to double team him, he finds the open man. If they don’t double team, he either creates space with the defender and shoot a jumper or drive past the defender to the basket. It is unstoppable. It will be anti-team to not do that.

Arkansas did that a lot when we had Joe Johnson and needed a basket or shorten the game.

Harden, and a lot of other guys, shoot from way behind the NBA line. Harden has perfected that step-back three that is about a minimum of 25 feet.

The trapezoidal lane, by the way, went away several years ago in favor of the NBA’s 16-foot lane. The FIBA court is also 9.5 inches narrower and 2+ feet shorter than the college 50X94 foot court. I don’t anticipate them making that change.

No one uses a trapezoid lane anymore. Not even FIBA or leagues over seas.


No one uses a trapezoid lane anymore. Not even FIBA or leagues over seas.


I’d still like to see it.

Well it’s official now for this upcoming season…