3 players to miss extended time with injuries

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CJackson has not played well so far in his career, but looks much improved physically compared to last year. I was not looking for All-SEC, but hoping for a decent year. Even a big “step up” year from him would have left us below average for SEC at LT-hugely important position.

Talk about a critical position to lose! Who is even his back up? could Gibson or Merrick move over?!

And poor KRich, that’s just hard to believe. seems like such a great kid, really hope he comes back strong by conference.


Morris mentioned Dalton Wagner, Johnny Gibson and Jalen Merrick as possible replacements at left tackle.

You would have to think, one or two of these young kids have developed as potential good SEC linemen.

Man, K Rich gives a whole new meaning to the term “tough break”. This just in…K Rich petitions for his 15th year of eligibility. At this rate he will become the first player in NCAA history to play with his son at the same time. LOL

Kidding aside. I hope he has a quick and successful recovery. Feel bad for the guy. As a player, I know he just wants to get on the field and contribute!