3 on 5 the theme for ‘19

Insane when you watch us in an offensive set. You could be Pat Riley. There is no scheme on offense you can run when you have 2 on the floor at one time who can’t throw it in the ocean…one of which is weak in multiple areas of fundamental basketball. Mike can coach, but please recruit and keep a roster. Fastest 40 minutes or Nolan’s version required depth. Exactly what we do not have this season.

amen to this. truth some cannot see.

Truth at last…, exactly right!

Here are Arkansas’ efficiency numbers with Harris and Osabuohien sharing the floor this season prior to Thursday. I’ll post the latest numbers when my analytics site updates. Lineups featuring those two were poor offensively - shocking, I know - and very average defensively. The 45.2 percent figure on 2-point field goals is awful.

They shared the floor for 22 percent of Arkansas’ offensive possessions during the regular season.

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No, everyone can see it for what it is, but what we or you couldn’t foresee was Perry being bought at the last minute, Garland medically unable to play, Hall transferring, then Phillips transferring.

You can “What if” till the cows come home, but they are worthless excuses. All that matters is performance and, either the coach and Arkansas can perform or they can’t.

Yep you’re right, the team wouldn’t have performed any better by adding the players I mentioned above. Silly me.
Wasn’t an excuse, just what my opinion of the truth was.

And, if we had signed 6 five star players all ranked in the top 10, we would have done even better. However, the truth is what actually is, not might have been.

Just because something is the “truth” doesn’t mean you can ignore other facts. Mike has recruited talent to the Hill. Thats the truth. For whatever reason, there has been a lot of attrition. That’s the truth. Your argument doesn’t make much sense to me. Are you really saying we have to ignore all of the facts?

And you could probably add Jimmy Witt and Nick Babb to this list too.

Don’t you think it’s fair to ask why all those problems occurred on his watch?
(Garland excluded)
Specifically all the transfers?

Lots of excuses made but ultimately results matter.

trying to see and understand, but i don’t understand the if argument. seems to me the only thing that matters is who is on our team, and what our record is with the players we have. if i had picked 17 instead of 18 i would have won the lottery. i can’t go to the store and say but i was only one number off, i almost had millions, i don’t think they are going to let me purchase what i want other than with what i have on hand and available. the reality of the situation.

yes it hurt, but phillips wasn’t lighting it up coming off an injury. garland would have helped a lot but he has a medical condition. perry, its not like he was actually here and playing at one time for us. i absolutely agree it hurt us, but we can use the if excuse for the next ten years and have a barely over .500 record. at what point to we go from if to what actually is our record…

We need to keep up with Jones of the SEC, take our chances with a shady coach see if he gets the results desired. Now is the perfect time, lol.

Those numbers pretty much speak for themselves.

Jimbeau 77. If any of those players you mentioned were on the roster able to play this year the hogs record would have been much different.
Perry would have take the bulk of Gade and Adrio’s minutes.
Garland would have been a reliable scorer and defender. The hog could have rested Joe, Jones and Sills and. still had 2 shooters on the floor with Garland and Emery Simpson.
Transfers is the major issue that killed the depth!
If Hall, Gafford, Perry and Chaney are on the roster where would the minutes come from for Adrio and Gabe? It sure wouldn’t amount to enough to reflect so poorly on our offense.

White that pitiful performance it’s a miracle we didn’t end up with Vandy’s record!

What it comes down to is this system cannot afford to play only the players who are cutting it. This system depends on making a large number of different player groupings work. The players have to learn how to adjust and adapt to substitutions. If not enough skilled players are available, guys still have to get rest. Can’t give max effort if you have to play 38 minutes.

Yea I should have mentioned “sarcasm alert” lol

Updated numbers from the Florida game with Jalen + Gabe sharing the floor. Got outscored 45-32. That third column is a train wreck. Arkansas’ starters, too, got outscored 17-14 over 18 offensive possessions.

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What were the factors that may have contributed to the transfers? Are their reasons beyond playing time?

Was really hoping this was a Big 3 thread. Big fan of Power.