3 minutes of memories


The second highlight, the 80-yarder up the gut on LSU at War Memorial, I believe is still the best run I have ever seen in person.

The free safety for LSU on that play was LaRon Landry, 6th overall pick who ran an official 4.38 forty at the combine. He’s the guy that dives at his heels as Mcfadden pulls away.


I think we knew at the time, we were witnessing greatness, but time emphasizes how great. It never gets old watching this generational star do his thing. It is sad that his professional career appears to have been adversely impacted by being with the wrong teams.

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Thanks for sharing that. DMac was just something special that comes once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.

That run against Georgia in Athens was my favorite. He looked like he had been shot out of a cannon.

The Georgia announcer, Larry Munson, was so impressed.

he would have caught Dmac if Casey Dick didn’t make that block

I was there and you could hear a pin drop when he burst through the hole and proceeded to run right through and past the whole secondary,they were like Whoa!!! who is that??

That was the first highlight from ‘07. I’m talking about that second one. He didn’t need Casey there.

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That was great again. Thanks for the link. He was ROBBED.

Makes me wonder what our current offense would look like with D-Mac in it and KJ at QB.

I was at the Georgia game in 2005 when he broke loose for 70 and a TD. Stadium got quiet, Bulldogs were stunned and we almost got em that day…23 - 20.

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The most electrifying Razorback RB of my adult life. And Felix isn’t far behind. What an era. Great memories. Thanks for posting, Jeff.

And they didn’t even include the screen pass against Ole Miss where he tiptoed down the sidelines, or the kickoff return against Moo U.

Or a single highlight from the game(s) against South Carolina…

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Yep. The 80-yarder, etc.

It saddens me to know we will never see another one like him running for the Hogs… does he have any son’s growing up?

That kickoff against MSU saved our bacon that day. A bunch of family and friends were there. It was lot closer than I expected. I have several family members that are Bulldog grads. They are all Hog fans first.

My brother and I drove down to Starkville that day. Moo U sold out to stop the run and it worked. But we got an 85-yard pick-6 by Chris Houston plus DMac’s return; those were the margin of victory in a 28-14 win. Our last two scores were two TD passes by Casey Dick. We also missed two field goals which would have helped, but got a fourth down stop and another red zone pick by Houston in addition to the pick-6.

You have an amazing memory. I remember we were highly rated, and the Bulldogs had a losing record and we expected it would be a cakewalk. They thwarted our vaunted running attack for most of the game. The TDs from the interception and the kickoff return bailed us out.

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