3 maybe 4 things.check.check.check and check

It did not seem like we brought our A game yesterday. I anticipate much of that was due to the Florida Gators…both sides of the ball.

Going into this season my expectations were moderate, I think.

I wanted our team to:

  1. Compete on every down
  2. Show improvement
  3. Be organized
    and this fourth condition was not mandatory…
  4. Win one game

3 wins later I am hoping LSU can make to town as I think we are better than them. We certainly have a chance at Mizzou. Then Bama…well that is a horse of a different color. Keep improving and compete, we are going to be fine.

We were not better than Florida and Trask and the Gator offensive line is the truth. And we tried mixing it up with 3 and 4 man fronts with an occasional blitz. Trask threw about 5 passes that tells me he needs to be in the upper first round of the NFL draft. The Gator Defense peeled back it’s ears and dominated, for the most part, on the line of scrimmage. Our offense did execute at times. We all know recruiting with solve many of these problems. Let’s face it…our offensive line has to improve.


Going for it on 4th down at midfield in the first half was a risk I would not have taken. Why? We were trying to find our balance (we looked punch drunk at that time….on our feet but not out) against their athletic ability, trying to stay in the game. At that time the Gators were averaging about 6 yards per snap. I know, if we get the first down, “brilliant move Coach.” That decision did not make the difference in the game. Unless Florida turned the ball over 4 times plus a couple of big special team plays….we were not going to win that game.

The way Florida handled Georgia should have been an indicator for the quality of the Gators. I am a believer in the Gators now.

I may be crazy, but the Gators will be in the game against Bama. Only thing stopping that from happening is the VID as in Covid.

Chad Morris was a 50 Million dollar cluster____. So go ahead and build the statue of Pittman…he is our guy and I have faith. Wonder how much we truly missed SP on the sideline? At a minimum, we missed him some.

Odom called a time out at the end of the game. Wonder what that was about? Looked like he wanted to make his point with a player on the offensive side of the ball….i think.

Opinions only here and I am not a football coach of any kind. I Do not understand things like dime package and cover three.

I do understand that I am interested in Hog Football again. Happy Hog Fan Here!!

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Mostly agree. I do think going for it on 4th down was the proper thing. The only way we could stay with them was on plays like that. He had Burks open for a probably TD and the inside route was open. The FL Dline made a play.

Otherwise, we played hard again. FL is very good with great QB and receivers. When I saw them against GA I thought oh no. Don’t see how we can stop them. Just too much talent difference. You can only do so much with X & Os on a chalk board.


Agree with your points except the 4th down. Big underdogs. Ball at midfield. One yard. We knew they were going to score a lot so we had to try and keep pace. Think it was the right call.


Agreed. If I recall correctly, the play call was a fairly good one that would have resulted in a first down if we had executed it properly.


And quite possible, a TD

I think you fans have changed my mind. going for it in the first half was a good call.

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