3 interesting items early in EM’s tenure:

  1. No coat or tie. I love it. I’ve never understood why Hoops Coaches wear $1500 suits and $300 shoes just to coach a darn basketball game.

  2. We have a definite lack of size and depth. However, I’ve never read where he has mentioned it. Let’s face it. Most coaches are excuse making machines.

  3. He still hasn’t called a timeout. I don’t know if that means anything, but it is interesting.

Good post, CEM has the Hogs rolling right now, better competition is on the way with more size, but I couldn’t be more pleased with way we are playing. We got a glimpse of life without Gafford in the NIT and we did some good things then and maybe we will continue doing well and grow as a team. WPS

The lack of size may hurt but at least they are blocking out and rebounding as a team!
I enjoyed CEM getting hit with a “T” earlier in the week! He gets fired up and shows emotion.

CEM has noted our lack of size MULTIPLE times in his pressers. But no, he is not an excuse maker.

CEM rides the refs hard. The players see that to. He rides the players hard as well but they know he has their back.