3 in race for backup QB spot

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It’s pretty clear Dan Enos really likes Cole Kelley. Talked about him at length and was pretty effusive in his praise whenever the was brought up today.

Obviously they hope Storey or Peavey can step up and take hold of the backup job so Cole can redshirt. Storey looked like the better of the two Saturday and Peavey isn’t back to where he was before the surgery last month, so the next few practices and scrimmage this weekend should be interesting to see if Ty can separate himself.

Apparently, Peavey is pretty athletic. Could he provide depth at another position?

I don’t see Peavey playing anything but quarterback.

No. I wouldn’t say he’s pretty athletic. He is the most mobile of the QBs, which is notable because ts may be the only area where he has an advantage over the rest of the group other than having spent more time in the program than some of the younger guys.

He’s athletic compared to the other QBs, but that’s pretty relative. It’s not like he’s competing with Mike Vick or Johnny Football. I think Brandon Allen is a better athlete than Rafe.

I think the main thing he and the coaches have talked about is his back limiting him a bit still, which affects the one area he has an edge in.

No comments or observations on RT? He was HIGHLY rated/recruited. What is the story on him?

I am guessing here. I have seen some people come from high pressure environments that needed a change of pace. Almost all of those people needed time to heal from the pressure and anger of the past. RT transferred and Redshirted last year but the whole time was a blur of adjustment and change. RT is just a RS FR that is now settling in and adjusting. Now he has time to heal by slowing down. Is this what he is doing? I have no idea but I think so. I think we would be crazy to cast him in a negative light because of Cole Kelley.

Ricky Town is NOT in the mix. Nothing you see or hear suggests he will play at Arkansas. He’s had time to get up to speed. I watch him throw and he’s just got an OK arm. No special velocity. No special accuracy. He is fifth. Not going to play in the near future at Arkansas unless something drastically changes. He just doesn’t show anything that suggests he’s a big-time quarterback. The others all look better.

Highly recruited doesn’t always translate into highly successful. If he wants to play, he would probably be better suited to transfer to an FCS or JUCO program so as to not have to sit out another year. I don’t see him ever being the starter at Arkansas.