3 Hogs on this Top 100 College SGs list

This Podcast took time to research this, so it is worth a look. And 3 Hogs make the list. And I think most will agree these three are the greatest shooting guards to have played at Arkansas.

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Sidney was a great player and could score, but he was not a great shooter. His range was 10-12 feet. Shooting was his only weakness in college. Ron Brewer could do it all…what an offensive game he had.
I thought Ron would blossom to be the greater player in the NBA, but I was wrong. SIdney’s great defense carried him to greatness.

Sometimes it seems ‘shooting’ in ‘shooting guard’ has an entirely different meaning. For example, AB was rated #1 SG in the nation in his class.

I notice Joe Johnson is at #72. Joe really didn’t play long enough in college (UA) to make a top 100 college list. The raters may have chosen to extrapolate backward from his brilliant pro career to up his rating. College raters often do/did that with Lance Alworth.

I scanned the list fairly quickly (thanks for providing PJ) and Devin Booker looks to be way too low. I am guessing it is because he was a 1 and done if I recall so not a long enough sample size.

It is very common that people outside Arkansas appreciate what Joe did in his two years (or three semesters) at Arkansas more than most in Arkansas. This list is based on stats compiled while in college and not NBA. I am sure there is subjectivity on where they were drafted. There are some on the list that saw very little play in NBA.

Joe played 53 games and averaged
30 mins
16 pts
6.1 rebs
2.4 assists
1.5 steals
0.5 blocks

SEC Newcomer of the year
Freshman All-America 2nd team

Not too many players can match these stats.