3 games to go, who starts?

Seen a lot of posts about it’s time to play younger players.

What is your starting lineup?

Do you burn any red shirts? Does JSJ get a start? Series?

Storey will start all of them unless he’s hurt,I wouldn’t mind playing some young secondary kids b/c not going to matter anyway. just get them some experience.

QB- Ty
Rb- Rakeem
TE- o’grady
OL- Wagner, Froholdt, Clary, Gibson, Wallace (work younger guys in as you can)
WR- Woods, Warren, Jones. Maybe even get to see Jackson.

DL- Sosa, Gerald, Watts, Guidry
LB- Scoota and whoever his healthy
Corner- Pulley/Brown/Mclellion
Safety- Kam Curl, and for the love of god someone not Named Santos,

Gafford for sure.

Really interested in LaDarius Bishop

Want to see the two young safeties. I’d let Santos start his last home game against his Home state school but time to see others soon in that one and going forward.

I’d start Capps at right guard.

Fully agree.

OL - Adcock and Capps should play a lot. If Clenin is healthy, would like to see him some.

WR - see more of Warren.

QB, - give JSJ and CN a few series


Foucha, brown, Henry

He’d be good at those jump balls in the back of the end zone. If we ever get close enough to throw one.

Forgot about Bishop. Good point.

Foucha is interesting … he was the darling of preseason camp and all we heard was how good he was and made big plays every day?

What happened?

Are their any other OL worth looking at? Maybe Robinson?

What about other DL? Alexander, Nichols, Fulwider?

I just want it to end. So thankful there are only 3 games to go.

Wondering how ugly it’s going to be, assuming nothing could be uglier than North Texas, but who knows.

I’m sure that funny ESPN thing that tracks percentage of winning has the odds of Hogs losing all 3 at like 99.9%.

Looks like none of my children are attending the U of A — they chose more prestigious academic institutions (and more expensive LOL) so spending a lot of my fall weekends in those places where college football is really a student sport. Fun to watch, and not really a silver lining I want, but I am clearly not missing much back home.

Will make the LSU game — but that’s all about old friends and socializing and some UofA business related to academics. Looking forward to it despite how awful the game may be.

I still love the kids who put on the Razorback uniform and that’s never going to change — win or lose.

I know this is crazy, crazy, crazy and I’ll probably look foolish afterwards but… I have a good feeling about the LSU game

All the normal starters don’t change. Except Bumper may start instead of Greenlaw depending on his injury.
Injuries keep piling up so the youngsters need to be ready if their number called.

Navy whatever you’ve been drinking please stop. I would like to see the hogs beat LSU but that’s really out there. We couldn’t stop Vandy! And we made Vandy look like they had a high powered offense.
LSU could put a 100 on the hogs.

Watching the Vandy game, several over the age of 21, did not seem to want to be there.

I’m ok with playing anyone no older than 21.

We are supposed to lose next few games by 30 or more as it is, why not practice for the next group when appears many upper classmen have decided they don’t want to play anymore anyway.