#3 D. Reed

Off to an underwhelming start this season. Our most unreliable receiver. Not sure I would be throwing to him in that situation.

Wow, complaining about a WR that was covered, when another WR was five yards further downfield WIDE OPEN. Yep, completely Reed’s fault.

WOW complaining about a QB that missed some open WRs yet he had no time to go through progression tonight.

WOW, saying AA goes through progressions. I’m speechless. You sure you’ve watched any of our games this year?

4th start of his career. Online that is rebuilding. Most accurate QB in the sec with one of the highest qbr. AA is a fine young QB. I’ve watched every game.

And you’ve seen him go through progressions? If so, you’re lying, if not then why you comment?

WOW, have you noticed that our OLine has been weak in ALL of our games this year, thus the time has not been there for him to get comfortable to go through progressions. It is easy to see from above what is happening but it is different on the field when Myles Garrett is coming on the outside AND someone from the interior Oline or a blitzing LB is coming at you.

It’s not hard to see when two WR’s are within 5 yards of each other and one (that he threw to) had a defender, and the other was open.

Once again Jderre

Actually I was complaining about the pass he dropped and the unforced fumble. He just has not been the player we thought he was to this point.

I was referring to the “pass he dropped”

No way you can alibi about Reed’s performance. He drop the reverse resulting in a turnover and couldn’t come up with a short pass later on. Dropped a touchdown pass in the Texas State game that was right in his lap. Austin was the true trooper last night. A number of players, especially on defense just laid down in the fourth quarter.

I’ve already said that several times today, but appreciate your attempt at trying to correct me

I think you’re completely baked with your commentary. Yes, you can tell Austin does go through progressions. You put yourself in that situation and see how you come out. The bigger issue here is that we are 4 games into the season and don’t have the right side of our o-line figured out.

I absolutely agree with the Oline issue