3 4 Defense ?

In the press conference the coaches mentioned about looking at a 3 4 defense for next year.

Is it better to put in part of the defense now and play it in the bowl game or do you wait till spring practice?

Could it be any worse than trotting out our current defense?

I would say wait until spring, not enough time to install it generally and too many guys learning new positions.

I would put part of it in now.

The focus should be on the 2017 season.

I would think 15 more practices plus a game film would really help.

I’ve seen teams change the offensive philosophy for a bowl game knowing they will be running it next season.

I hope a new DC will put in his own defense when he gets here.

Wow that’s was a good one ! WPS

I am an old offensive lineman, I know little about the theories of different defenses, but since we seemed to have a shortage of linebackers, does going to a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 make and sense?

I know we didn’t exactly kill it on the d line this year, but don’t we have more quality d lineman than linebackers?

Again, I am anything but a defensive expert.

What’s the deal with jamario? He was a very talented DE/TE in high school. One of the more physically impressive high schoolers I can recall watching. I know they moved him to TE, but with all of the The depth at TE he seems like he would be more valuable at DE, or OLB.

From a scheme standpoint this is a punch, counter punch move. Blame it on the OC’s we faced.

The new scheme will give us more options. Our containment defense should immediately improve. If our LB’s are coached to run downhill, our rush defense should also see an immediate improvement. It will also be harder for a dual threat qb to take it to the house for a cheap score, ala Knight.

Plus if we use a mix of 3-4 and 4-3, that alone will create its own problems. A young qb might not recognize it or remember to check out of a play.

IMHO, this is a great first step toward shoring up our horrible D.