3/30 practice + scrimmage notes

Players not dressed out today: Hayden Henry, D’Vone McClure, Micahh Smith, Briston Guidry, Courtre Alexander, Cheyenne O’Grady and four offensive linemen - Audry Horn, Kirby Adcock, Colton Jackson, Silas Robinson.

There’s been a change in who we’re getting to talk to in an hour or so. Chad Morris is going to talk and update some injuries instead of John Chavis speaking. We’ll get Joe Craddock, too, as well as a couple of players.

First team OL: LT Cunningham - LG Capps - C Clary - RG Clenin - RT Wagner
First team skill: Chase Hayden, Hayden Johnson/Chase Harrell, De’Vion Warren, Deon Stewart, Trey Knox
First team QB: Ben Hicks

Second team OL: LT Nwanna - LG Capps/Clary - C Austin Nix - RG Winkel - RT Gatlin
Second team skill: Koilan Jackson, Blake Kern/Grayson Gunter, Jordon Curtis, Tyson Morris, Jordan Jones
Second team QB: John Stephen Jones

First team DL: RE Richardson/Bell - RT TJ Smith/Marshall - LT Agim - LE Gerald/Richardson
First team LB: Grant Morgan and Bumper Pool
First team DB: Right corner - Buster Brown; Left corner - Jarques McClellion; Safeties - Kam Curl and Joe Foucha
Nickel - Greg Brooks

Second team DL: RE Gregory/Zach Williams - RT Nichols - LT Marshall - LE Soli
Second team LB: Andrew Parker and Gio LaFrance/Deon Edwards
Second team DB: Right corner - Devin Bush; Left corner - Ladarius Bishop; Safeties - Myles Mason and Brenden Young
Nickel - Simeon Blair

Prior to the scrimmage, Arkansas did its Razorback Drill then some 1-on-1s. Dalton Wagner pretty much dominated Eric Gregory and the two kept fighting, Myron Cunningham and Mataio Soli battled to a stalemate and Noah Gatlin drove Zach Williams way, way, way away from the initial start spot. They went at it for a while.

As far as the scrimmage itself is concerned, it was cold and wet, and the offense - particularly the offensive line - looked all out of sorts and Hicks hardly had time to survey the field. The defensive line, first and second team, got consistent penetration and came up with multiple TFLs and sacks. Gabe Richardson had a tackle for loss and a sack and Zach Williams had a half sack, too. Bumper Pool was everywhere. His energy is off the charts. Trey Knox had a few catches and looked good relative to the rest of the offense. Chase Hayden had a couple of nice runs, but nothing as explosive as the first scrimmage. Arkansas’ second-team offense struggled so much that at one point the coaches had them do up-downs after coming to the sideline.

I saw footage from a little of the scrimmage and the OL is awful to say the least.Hicks should have thrown a pick 6 I have no idea what he thought he saw b/c the short out route was blanketed one in front and behind but he threw it anyway and the underneath man should have picked it.

I know its only spring but unless things get dramatically better this OL will be worse than last yr(hard to believe) and that’s not good when you have QB’s that are not mobile.very hard to judge the defense b/c what they were up against is nowhere near SEC quality.

Waaay to early for judgment…I seem to remember CCM saying he is stacking situations against the offense…interested to see what he says today.

They also had four guys out today, three of whom are scholarship players. Patience.

I sure hope so!

Offense struggled early, then had some dominating stretches. Obviously, the only tape was from the first seven or eight minutes because that’s all that was open. You could tape the individual part of the workout, but cameras were off after only a few plays yesterday, maybe five.

I was there. I did talk to some former players afterwards who stayed throughout. I’m writing a column, but it doesn’t focus on that as much as what players said about the changes they see in the program and how it will work out going forward. That much is extremely positive.