3:00 central, fulmer will be

announced by Chancellor Bev Davenport (who hired, gave vote of confidence to, then fired Currie) will meet with press to announce Phil Fulmer as the new AD. This leads to speculation that indeed T Martin may be called upon to head up the pgm. Also that perhaps Les Miles - who has made it known he would be interested will be dialed up, with Martin maybe coming as OC/HC in waiting - whatever that means.

What is frustrating to me is that Tennessee will likely have an AD and a coach hired by Sunday…meantime, we’re in some kind of power struggle with the BOT and admin that is borderline paralysis.

The Chancellor’s job is to have 2-3 names ready at all times to replace key personnel. JL should have had 2-3 names for each coaching position and it should have been communicated on some regular basis (quarterly, bi-annually, annually). Succession planning is a key pillar to any organization. Maybe they had it and the BOT’s insertion into the process is muddying the waters.

What makes you think the JL didn’t have names? Not trying to be picky but Maybe the new AD didn’t like the options. Not sure how to find that out

Sure JL had a list. Problem was that Gus’s name wasn’t on the list. That’s what got him fired.

I’m sure what you’ve described was in place. Which has led me to believe the slow movement has been due to the uncertainties from the plains. Expect as soon as Gus pulls the plug on us (if he does), to hear an announced UofA HC hire within 24 hours.

… by Finebaum on his TV show.

Tennessee is in a giant rush to get it over with because of the way they’ve handled things. They want to bury this steaming pile as quickly as possible, and worry about whether it will work long-term later. Fulmer had enough trouble with the administrative end of coaching, so I’ve got my doubts about whether he can do much beyond fund-raising and being a figurehead. If they end up hiring Tee Martin things could get ugly in a hurry. Maybe Peyton Manning will ride in to the rescue.

I believe it was Bret McMurphy who said that one of his sources described it as " They shot themselves in the foot, reloaded, and then shot themselves in the other foot".

In our case, most of our likely targets were never going to be available until December 3rd, so there was never any real expectation that we would name a new coach early this week or sooner. It’s been stressful because of all the action elsewhere and the rumors here, but the timing on the coaching hire is still in the expected range.

The AD situation is a bit more troubling, and seems to be more of a power struggle to me.

I think you’re absolutely right, Buzzard. TN was in panic mode. This is a rush to do SOMETHING. It doesn’t bother that we don’t know our coach yet. A bit more concerned we don’t have an AD, but I’d rather be in our position than TN’s

She had no choice…this was a coup by Fulmer…

It is not Fulmer’s first coup. This is poetic justice, best laugh I have had
in a while. Orange is putrid.

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