2x National Champion?

There are several National Championships “recognized” by the NCAA. We all knew AR won the 1964 NC (FWAA and Helms, plus a few more that weren’t recognized). What I didn’t know is that there was a NC called the FACT NC. AR actually was in a five way tie in 1977 at 11-1 (after bowls). Only three of those five won their Bowl games (#6 AR defeated #2 OU). AR was awarded a share of the FACT NC. It was split between us, ND, and Texas (who actually lost to ND in their bowl).

Apparently, the U of A doesn’t accept this NC. I never knew we had won it more than once. Interesting I’ve never heard this before. I only ever heard of the 64. Thought some of you might be interested in knowing. For those that maybe too young to remember that year, it’s the year the old timers talk about Holtz suspending our best players and then crushing Oklahoma.

That was my all time favorite Arkansas team. Went to several games that year including Texass and Oklahoma. Should have beat Texass. Earl Campbell kept us from a true National championship

Still have a very vivid memory of running onto the Orange bowl field with my college buddies and seeing the players and Coach Holtz going crazy with celebration. Coach Holtz was a true magician to do what he did in that game.