2nd most important hire

hope whomever the new coach is can bring in a strength and conditioning coach/staff who will get the team built back up and help improve the speed that is needed to compete…how did we go from the biggest o line to one of the smallest and weakest line… i say let’s steal one from alabama;lsu;ohio state…or some place similar please…

Good pont!

Strength coach is probably the most crucial for building a program. I wonder which candidate would bring the best strength coach.

That’s actually a very good question

The coach with the best coaching staff is Clay Helton at USC. Just need him to get fired at USC, and then make him an offer he can’t refuse.

A good coach, If he can’t recruit our area, we don’t need him. He would be another mistake like Bielema.

Check out his background as well as his coaching staff’s. He and his staff would have no problem recruiting the area. They have plenty connections to this area. Graham Harrell is his OC.

PG I hope the new HC keeps a couple of the staff members from Texas and Lunney. The strength coach sees players more than the coaches. Our hogs get to bulk up on both sides of the ball in the trenches to ever have a realistic chance to compete.
Discipline and motivation has been lacking on our hogs team for along time it’s time to have a hard nosed HC that pushes players and staff members to get things done.
With all of the names mentioned so far in the rumor mill I’m just hopeful they make the right hire! We have fallen below Vandy! The one good thing about our position in the conference there’s no where to go but up.

I would recommend going hard for the number 2 person for Bama’s football S&C program. Have no clue who said person is but bet they would be big time Hard A** and mean. Seems we need both.