2nd half offense: what changed?

The offense really seemed to click in the second half like it hasn’t all season.

It seemed like we slowed down a bit. I think I saw Clary in there at guard too.

Anyone else see any changes?

Very encouraging to see the offense take such a step forward.

I thought it would be better this week, and will continue get better. We still waste to many plays, but we are getting more comfortable offensively.

Offense. actually started clicking before first half ended then continued in 2nd half.

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Maybe they just were coached to believe and to stick to the plan, maybe not, but they seemed to have the mindset that even if you lose the early rounds, you can still win the fight. Possibly a definition of good kids and good coaching. Can’t wait to see when we get more weapons!

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I totally agree with that. That’s the biggest factor.

Just curious if we changed anything schematically. I’m not football-smart enough to see it all!

It appeared to me that when we utilized the hurry up, the offense got better. (I may have not noticed a hurry up when we were not moving the ball.)

I thought the offensive line was very good for the most part today. Most of Frank’s scrambles were due to coverage. They opened holes and protected well.

Have to quit changing QB’s in goal line situations.

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We used hurry up a lot in the second quarter, not so much after halftime. Effective both ways once we got going.

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