2nd half lineup has been stellar defensively

We are playing a lot of minutes with the Tate, Devo, Smith, Williams, Moody line-up

It’s not our most explosive offensive line up, but those are 4 outstanding 1:1 defenders–Moses is also very good and uses his length well but maybe not quite up to the defensive standard of the other 4.

I think that is underappreciated aspect of the teams success–how good we are on D and on the glass.

We are leading the SEC in rebounding–not sure when (if ever) that has been true before.

We have two nasty, powerful men playing inside.
As Williams has matured and gained confidence added to a now healthy Smith, we have become a real force around the goal. The other three starters are above average at rebounding for guards. This team is legitimate and a difficult out.

Here’s a look at the Smith-Williams frontcourt of late. Posted this this morning:

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Thanks Scottie.
This team has matured by leaps n bounds since the start of the season. The chemistry all coming together at the right time.
I don’t expect Smith back next year but Wow what if!

Hasn’t Moody’s defensive metrics been tops on the team and really to an elite level?

I’ve been tracking every player’s shots defended. Moses Moody had allowed 13 scores on 59 field goal attempts in 8 games prior to Alabama. I’m going to update those numbers today.

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