2nd Half Kentucky/Miss State

1st half Hogs controlled tempo vs. Kentucky and played a much more talented team to within a couple of points. Great approach. Did anyone notice that the Hogs pressed Kentucky at Kentucky allowing KY to get the break going. If that is the only way you think you have a chance to win the game that is easily understood. but when the opponent is considerably more talented (athletically and skills) than your team, you might want to do the same thing you did in the first half and try to shorten the game and hope to get lucky in the last few minutes. Points in the paint are not a true indicator of how things went in that game. A layup/dunk on the break is a bucket in the paint. The increased possessions opened up the offensive boards for Ky.

I couldn’t tell if Kentucky truly figured out the interesting zone defense of the Hogs. Tennessee did not figure that out the entire game and it cost them. I was surprised their HC did not figure that out.

Ben Howland noticed what Kentucky did defensively and will try and duplicate the same thing in BWA. 1)The Hogs will be ready to play vs Ms St. and the game will be determined by the maturity of the teams and how they have handled their previous game. 2)For the Hogs to be successful Beard, Macon and Hannah must get things going in the same game. For sure 2.5 of them and Kingsley needs to get enough touches in the half court set to bring his full skill set to the table.

Barford can/will make a big difference to this team.

Fox changed the U.K. game. MisStake has a very good player in Weatherspoon but he is no Fox.