2nd half collapse contagious

Watching our bowl game, then the game last night, now the Ladybacks. Game tied after we led by 9 most of game, playing not to
Lose and we collapse. Still might win the game but dykes girls look poorly coached. Press and traps have killed them. Very disappointed. What looked like an easy win we literally blew. This playing not to lose is killing us. At least men’s basketball showed some fight. We just lost the basketball game. poor poor coaching job by dykes

LSU won 53-52. Arkansas was outscored 11-1 in the final 4:20.

Our once proud athletic program has slipped and has had embarrassing moments lately.

Surely, Long is hearing from the big donors. He has definitely heard from this 30 year small donor.

He needs to take a page out of his buddy Calipari’s book and just start outworking everyone else.

He needs to sign the best women’s player maybe ever to come out of the state but I hear that’s probably not going to happen.

I like JD and hope he succeeds, but I still say the best woman’s BB coach is at UALR.

I recall last year one poster suggested that Dykes should coach men’s team instead of Anderson. Another poster suggested that Dykes should attend Mike’s practices and teach defense. Of course, we all know what was behind those statements. It is a total buy-in to Eddie Sutton style basketball and total dislike for Hawgball.

Yup. Funny and sad at the same time.

The girls do play fundamental defense old school style. And their defense is very good. Has nothing to do w offense. I never have advocated a return to Eddie ball. I was one of few who embraced Richardson to all the bigots we have in this state. I just wish I was as right as notorious. God it must be frustrating to know everything and have to put up with all us idiots on here. Why don’t you not read my posts. As far as dykes, to blow a lead like we did was reminiscent of the bowl game. And I like coach b, but I was disappointed in the football team also.


I remember the two who had posted about Dykes coaching men’s team. You definitely were not one of the two.

I post when they do well. I post when they don’t. You say you admit when wrong? Lol. After of course you slam anyone who disagrees with you. Yet you r free to slam me, but the writer who wrote the article basically said the same thing. Of course you won’t get in their face, you want to be liked. Mod wanna-be. I posted positive comments about the Kentucky loss. I even predicted a possible elite 8 team if we jell. I posted they might win their next 10 games. And as far as supporting our program, anyone who knows me, which you don’t, knows I have been a supporter all my life. Die hard they call it. I guess in your opinion or definition of a die hard fan is one that is never critical. Or in your case, someone’s who opinion differs from your superior knowledge. I’m disappointed in our athletic programs as a whole right now. Football trending sideways, basketball up on the men’s side, on the women’s side appears to be trending down, baseball sideways. Van horn deserves one down year. Just calling it like I see it. And in your case, one of the posters that ALWAYS post negative comments about any poster being critical. When at times it is justified. Over and out. Have fun on your board.

Glad you admit I have superior knowledge. Been waiting for that for awhile. Will make it easier for me to wannabe moderate the board. Thanks for the well wishes. See ya.