2nd Favorite SEC Team?

Mine would be 'Bama. I have a lot of respect for Saban’s coaching.

No one.

Ole Miss, just cause they get a bad rap :lol:


Georgia Tech, because they are no longer in the SEC. :stuck_out_tongue:

In football, it USED to be Georgia. I respected Mark Richt and liked the way he ran his program.

Now, I really do not have a favorite.

Same here. I always pulled for Georgia when Richt was the coach. I found myself hoping it lost to Nicholls the other day.

I don’t have one. There are some I don’t particularly dislike & some I detest, but mostly my views toward any of them are situational: how does their success or failure in any given game affect Arkansas? If it matters, I’m for the team that helps us with a win. If I can’t discern an advantage to us either way, I tend to pull for the underdog. Unless it’s Ole Miss. I only cheer for Ole Miss if we need them to win for some reason. I guess my second favorite team is whoever plays Ole Miss.

Agree Bama

Used to be UGA. But no longer. Don’t have one anymore. I see I am not alone in my UGA thoughts.

Hogs 2nd team

That’s like asking for my second-favorite wife. Nobody else compares.

Where I live, I get exposure to lots of stuff on Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Alabama. Have absolutely no interest in them. Really, when I watch anybody else in the SEC play, I find myself hoping they get beat.

Lifelong Hog fan. No 2nd favorites in any sport except for men’s basketball. I pull for Texas A&M because of a family connection.

Interesting questions, HH.

Mine would be Auburn. My brother graduated from there. Plus, I knew Gus personally when he was here and I would really like to see him do well there.

Thats an easy question. In any non Razorback game, involving SEC vs a non-SEC,
I’ll always root for the SEC team. Simple as conference pride. In any SEC vs SEC
game, I’ll always root depending on which win or loss will most help the Razorbacks.

Otherwise, I have no room in my heart for any other college team besides Arkansas.
Arkansas fills it to capacity.

On the NFL level, its always going to be the Pittsburgh Steelers as my favorite.

I guess all of the rest of the SEC teams are tied for 2nd place with me.

I have great respect for Richt. I often in the past wished they would fire him in a fit of piqué like they’ve just done so we could hire him. I’ve felt the same way about Mullen who has done so much with so little. But as far as liking … no.

Aren’t they in the SEC?

My favorite is whomever is playing Georgia. I liked Richt, but their fans are just so stinking arrogant. In-laws are Bulldogs, and always felt like they “deserved” to be SEC champions. Even though it makes it hard for family when they lose, I revel in the disbelief. Maybe that makes me a bad person…I’m okay with that.

Hard decision, let’s see, don’t like Auburn because they are big cheaters, don’t like Tennessee because they are arrogant, Ole Miss both cheats and is arrogant. Guess I chose Vandy since they tend to upset Ole Miss from time to time and Tennessee hates them, so the enemy of my enemy is my friend!