2nd and 6 and we throw a bomb

All we had to do was get in field goal range with one of the best kickers in the country.

We have the best running back in the SEC and on 2nd and 6 we throw a hail marry. Make it make sense!

Razorback football is exhausting.


My thought exactly when that happened… Makes NO sense…


I agree, Absolutely unbelievable.


Agree. Needed to run clock and make first downs. Short pass or creative runs. Very disappointed but not nearly as disappointing as failing to score a TD from first and goal at the two.


Yes…We put Knox at QB to run a sneak…Who in the world thought that would ever work.

So many dumb play calls today.


Agree. We needed to use clock & move down the field. A long pass is always high risk. I don’t like second guessing play calls, but to me that was awful.


Best running back in the SEC, and you only give it to him ten times???


Guess we didn’t want him to win the “rushing title”???

With the option of going for it on 4th down, and also knowing we couldn’t leave any time on the clock-just awful.


As a QB you have options. He chose to go long.

The better option was Rocket or KJ running but he wasn’t given that option.

Our run game got stuffed all day long. What makes you think we would jave gotten six yards?

It was 2nd and 6…he or KJ could have got 2 or 3 easy. Then you have 3rd and short. Easy football but we seem to over coach ourselves.


Year in and year out Missouri puts out some really good defensive players. They are scattered all through the NFL. We may have ONE good one in Washington and that’s it. I really believe they are more of a hard nose team than us.

Sanders is our only NFL player on D if you ask me and of course he won’t be back.

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I watch programs all over the country that know how to run a 4-minute drill knowing they have 4 downs. It’s pretty hard to stop.

Most teams are scared to give up the big play so they give you underneath and you stay ahead of the chains, get 3-4 first downs and at least get a FG attempt.

We had several opportunities to do that today and completely failed. And, we panicked on first and goal from the 2. Line up with your stud QB and get it done or make them stop you. Running gadget plays and passes was a gift.


RD, you need to quit taking up for the ineptness

So cool to see folks tell others how to think….

But we don’t know if KJ made the choice. It was a bad choice. If KJ made the decision, it was a bad decision.

Love a quarterback with confidence, but sometimes you need to choose between what you know can be done and with what you think might work. That has bitten a lot of players and has caught KJ some this year.