#29 on 247Sports and ESPN

That’s an absolutely incredible job…


Outstanding for our Hogs

Great job, landing Henderson really helped this class, that was pretty crucial.

Excited to see what they can do with a full year, hopefully with some progress on the field also.

I’m equally excited to see what they can do to coach up these players on campus and put a scheme together for the defense to run that fits the ability of the players! Also I am excited to see what Briles can do with the QB’s and the offense.
Praying to be compete with the lower half of the west.

On the surface it appears that CSP and his staff did great deal of work in a short time to begin the rebuilding process.
When you look at how they prioritized areas of need on both offense, defense and special teams IMO they did very well considering the circumstances.
Certainly, they would’ve liked to regain a couple of prior commitments, but with a complete change in staff you can’t blame some kids for looking at other options they feel may be a better fit for them.
All in all I feel that we did better than expected and with an entire year on the job an hopefully an improved record as well as a better looking product on the field this staff should improve with next years recruiting class.

Amazing under the circumstances! ghg

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