28 years ago today

Which, you may recall, was also a Monday. We gave Coach K one of his 309 losses at Dook. And, oh yeah, won the natty. Scotty from the wing, etc.

I was surprised to find while looking up that 309 number that K is only 17th on the coaching winning percentage list; I figured he’d be much higher. Among those above him on the list is Francis Schmidt, who won 78% of his games at Tulsa, TCU and Arkansas (our original basketball gym was known as Schmitty’s Barn).

#1 on the percentage list? We’ve beaten him too. Mark Few. His worst year with the Zags was 23-11.

Hmm. Guess I shouldn’t say it.

Hard to believe it’s been that long to get back to elite 8 and relevancy. I was at that game 28 years ago. Nothing like it.

You mean the Carolina Classic?

Yes sir. In fact I was lucky enough to see every game we played in the tournament after the first game in OKC Including both final 4 games.

I was in attendance at the Final 4 that year… what a great weekend that was…

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