25 to 8


Eight FTs in an up and down, regulation game. Three or 4 fouls on UNC in the 2nd half. One of the worst no calls I’ve ever seen. Clearly tipped 3 not reversed.


Hannahs, Barford, and Macon ain’t on enough mock drafts to get calls in the NCAA tournament. I thought Hannahs was fouled at least a couple times with no calls. Barford should have got an and 1 on his layup near the end. It was just horrible all the way around. And that last sequence of bad calls where we didn’t get the ball back and they let Berry travel/charge into Bailey with no call, is just inexcusable.

I love sports, but this is the one downside to it. No matter how much we want everything to be fair, at the end of the day it’s all about money and ratings. UNC gets more viewers and has more household names, so they get the calls. We would have had to went up by 10+ points to win the game. Refs weren’t going to let them lose a close one. Reminds me of the GGG fight last night, where he straight up losses and judges still give it to him because he’s the bigger name. And people are just so use to it being like that that, and say “You gotta knock the champ out.” Same rule applies here, unless you’re another blue blood school you had to really spank them for the refs to let you have it.

Would have been better off against Villanova or Gonzaga, they don’t have the cache as UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and all those school. Probably would have got a legit shot at them.

If you keep scoring the refs can’t take it from you! We all knew how the game would be called. Just like it was no suprise there.

Yes. If you outplay the #1 team in the country in front of a home crowd by 25 points the refs can’t take it from you.

That doesn’t mean you should have to outplay them by 25 points to win the game.

That was the 2nd fewest FTAs by the Hogs in a NCAAT game and the 1st wasn’t in the shot clock era.

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Fewest free throw attempts by @RazorbackMBB in an NCAA Tournament game:
6 vs Cal St.-Fullerton, 3/18/1978
8 vs North Carolina, 3/19/2017
7:49 PM · Mar 19, 2017

It was a physical game. But, there is absolutely no way the foul calls should have been that lopsided.