25 or more?

Wondering if we can sign more than 25 with a couple transfers leaving? Calloway, Stewart, Young, Curl, and Melvin Johnson are my top 5.

I don’t like our chances with Calloway. I know RD and DD have said they do, but the first thing Calloway and Robb Smith tweeted after it was official was about the GREAT visit Calloway had with him. According to 247, Smith was the lead recruiter.

I wouldn’t look too much into that considering CPR and CVH are his lead recruiters.


Edit: Sorry it was Curl that’s listed as Smith as lead recruiter. Got them mixed up after the tweets

Would help to hire a top notch D.C. b4 feb.

Not so sure

Wouldn’t hurt. I like our chances with him, family means a lot and so does the sec.

I’m not sure a new D.C. Would affect him, may affect someone else

True, guess will see soon, also wonder how many we can sign this yr.

Keep seeing 25. Now, I’ll let DD or RD say how many we have, but 247 is showing we have 21 commits. If we land Young, Curl, and Calloway, that would only give us room for 1 more.

Yeah, been seeing the #25 for awhile, just wonder with the transfers if that made a difference and would sign a 26 or 27 top recruits. Sure DD AND RD Knw.

At last report, the number is 24 and saving 1 for a transfer

Smith’s departure will have nothing to do the two DBs

And some currently on the roster will have to leave for 24 to fit under the 85 cap

And there are currently 21 signees and commits

Good, thanks.

Follow up question. Saw Tulley Tillman’s named mentioned. Wasn’t the staff talking to him before he went to Akron? And what has changed to get him back on the radar?

I don’t see that happening

But he would now be a graduate transfer