25% of players in transfer portal

Transfer portal now has a staggering over 1200 players. That is about 25% of all eligible players. Wow!

Every coach is having to fill their roster with transfers this year.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but…

It’s different.

It’s probably going to be a few more years before we really get the sense of what impact this has on college basketball–good or bad.

If a kid is in the doghouse and is just getting buried on the bench but he or she really wants to play, I’m all for that student moving on to a place where he or she can get a new chance at fighting for playing time.

But, from the outside, as a fan, it just looks like a bit of a mess.

There are 357 teams in D-1, although 19 of them don’t give scholarships (Ivy and Patriot leagues and Air Force). That’s 4641 players at 13 per team. So we’re over 25 percent. Almost 3.5 players in the portal per team. So far we only have 1 so we’re ahead of the game. So far.

What happens if a player isn’t picked in the portal?

Are they done?

There is that possibility. He could theoretically go back to the original school, if they’ll take him. But he’d need to decide quickly, or they could give his scholie to someone else.

d2 or naia would be the next stop.

Lots of D1 guys move down to D2 and do well.

It happens often unless they want to go down a level or two.

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