247 talent composite ratings

Bama #1
Georgia #2
Ohio State #3
Michigan #13

Arkansas #25

TCU #32. Worse than Missouri. Yet the Frogs are playing for the natty.

So much for “stars matter.”


As I said before…if TCU can be there so can the Hogs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not playing an SEC schedule vs TCU Big12.


I told my wife last night that I was dismissive of TCU because they played in the big 12 or whatever they are this week. I thought they were good, but not championship good. TCU proved me wrong

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I don’t care what schedule you played, go 13-1 and knock off undefeated Michigan you have a damn good team.


TCU was 5-7 last year and did not add many players from portal or transfers. Basically they same team playing together with another year of experience. Chad Morris’s son (Chandler-Ark.\Okla. recruit) was the starting QB for TCU at start of year (Current starter got the job when he was injured early in year).
Sonny Dykes did not do as well at SMU but this was the job he waited for last year. Gary Patterson did a good job recruiting and Dykes did good job getting the most out of them so far. Dykes did better job than Harbaugh in yesterday’s game, esp. end of game clock mgmt.

One could argue KSU was better than TCU when they played BIG 12 championship game but Bama had no problem with KSU yesterday after settling down in first quarter. Very thin margin in all these games, including Hawgs losing 4 games by 9 points or whatever it was. Players make plays and win games. Coach gotta put in right conditions to do it. Talent and Coaching go hand and hand. Best do it year after year.

Dykes is playing with Pattersons mature talent. Good for TCU. Let’s see if Dykes can maintain it in a few years. I think he’s a good coach.

TCU’s starting defense includes several transfers, including first-team All-Big 12 cornerback Josh Newton and second-team all-conference linebacker Johnny Hodges. Hodges is a former lacrosse player who had been a part-time starter at Navy. When he entered the transfer portal, only TCU expressed an interest. He led the Horned Frogs with 76 tackles and was named Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year.

Quality matters, I know they did not have large number. Good find. Thanks

We talk about recruiting territories and how that is beneficial to teams. I think TCU gets overlooked in this regard as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical area has a population of just over 7.6M people and is extremely fertile with football talent. For reference that is over twice the size of Arkansas’ population. That coupled with the fact that TCU will provide the resources to its team I have felt for years that TCU should be nationally competitive team.

2 pick 6 is agreat equalizer. Georgia will romp.

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TCU did well in the portal last year, which the talent ratings don’t look at.

Read something that most of their roster comes from an 80-mile radius around Foat Wuth, including portal kids who are coming back to DFW.

We will see next Monday night if Georgia can overwhelm TCU or not.
Georgia was extremely fortunate to get the win last night over the Big Ten non-champion while on the same day TCU had its way most of the game with the Big Ten Champion.

Personally, I’ll be rooting for TCU to pull off the upset and beat the beast with all of the 4 and 5 star recruits. I’m an Arkansas fan, not an SEC chanter because as I’ve said many times those other SEC schools wouldn’t be cheering for Arkansas if we were playing for and winning championships.

Another thing, good football teams come from conferences all across this country not just the SEC. The SEC is a top heavy conference just like many others with the rest of its conference filled with mediocre teams that will unlikely ever challenge those teams at the top for a conference title (Arkansas football would fall in this category).
I’ve been a Razorback fan my entire life, born in 1965 one year after our only claim to a National Championship football team in 1964.
That Natty is a split Championship per historical data.
I will remain a Razorback fan for the rest of my life, but I don’t realistically believe they will ever have the program to win football Championships in the SEC or National level. There just isn’t any reason or historical data to point to the fact that they can.

Ga. made the same mistake last night they made against Bama in the first game last year. They didn’t bring the pressure. The Dogs went after Young in the championship game and dominated.

They brought pressure the last few series and Stroud wasn’t as effective.


It took a couple of pick 5’s for TCU to get it done against Michigan.

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It is easier to excel with higher rated recruits but getting them does not guarantee success. It is not impossible to excel with lower rated recruits but those that do are few and far between. Everybody, including TCU, goes after the high raters and then makes do with whatever they get. There is a very good reason that TCU is the first in the CFP era to make it to the final two with relatively low rated recruits.

Speed matters too, and boy do they have it!

There’s plenty of times when lower rated classes win over the higher rated classes. Higher rated classes probably have a good overall edge

You can lose with talent, but you can’t win without it.

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