247 compsite rankings

Arkansas has jumped to #34.

Looks like 31 now.

I’m happy with where it’s going, steady up. It’ll end too 25, and that’s a hell of a job for a new coach inheriting a 4 win team. I don’t care what Elmo says.

We are up to no. 25 on rivals also

It’s still early but this could very well be a top 20 class…When is the last time that happened?

09 maybe. One class around that time from was top 20 I think.

We were 20th in the 247 composite rankings in 2009, but 41st the next year, which may help explain what happened in 2012 and 2013 under the next coach. And 2010 was a full class, unlike what CM had to work with this year.

Would appreciate help for an old man with a bad memory–How many can we sign for the coming year?

I don’t believe we have 25 projected openings but RD has indicated we’ll get close to that number. IIRC.

I think the plan is 22 but it may increase.

Thanks SoArk and Swine.

I’d like to see the Hogs landing top 10 recruiting classes. But it appears to me, that Coaches Chavis and Caldwell were hired because CCM knows to be successful in the SEC, you have to have a good to great defense. They seem to be getting some good potential with the recruits, so far.

Yep. “Looking Good”.

I have felt that CM would perform like this with his connections. I am so excited to see the quality of players he has had visit and commit.