24 years ago Tuesday

Dwight Stewart fumbled a pass at the top of the key, retrieved the ball and whipped it over to Scotty Thurman who launched one over the outstretched arm of Antonio Lang. It found the bottom of the net. And thus Nolan Richardson’s monster truly sprang to life.

I was sitting in a hotel room in Chicago screaming at the top of my lungs. One of the owners of our company was with me and thought I had lost my mind.

A great moment in Arkansas history.

I still remember where I was (standing up in my apartment in Galveston, Texas; I was too nervous to sit) and what I was wearing (a T-shirt with Marvin the Martian of Looney Tunes fame) when that shot hit the bottom. A few minutes later, when Clint McDaniel hit the second foul shot to make it a 4-point lead with 10 seconds left, I realized that it was actually going to happen. I hugged my family. And then I cried.

I was sitting in Charlotte Coliseum with my late wife among a crowd of Duke fans that had been giving us a hard time most of the game - all in good fun and I was giving as good as I got.

When that shot dropped I’m pretty sure I jumped higher than I’ve ever jumped… when it was over it was kind of surreal…just couldn’t believe I was there and we actually won the National Championship. The Duke fans were very nice but shocked they’d actually lost. It was one of my best days ever.

Something I’ll never forget and probably never experience again.

I was sitting in a TGIFridays in Eatontown NJ just a few days before ETSing. I was screaming and making a scene and no one cared.

I was living at Hawaii and at the time the championship game like the rest of the March Madness, the games were delayed until evening. No live games were shown on TV unless they were played at night HST. So I left work early to listen to the game on the radio at home. Stressed out to the max. Pacing the floor, jumping and pounding the bed at every shot. I felt more relieved than anything else when we won. Later that night I was able to watch the tape delayed game on TV. Whew! It was a great experience already knowing we won…especially when Duke had a 10 point lead!


I was going nuts at LJs Bar N Grill on College in Fayetteville. We immediately headed to Dickson and partied till after the Cows came home! Everybody loved everyone that night! I had more girls kiss me that night than my entire life combined. :rofl:

Man… LJ’s… Longhorn nachos and fried mushrooms… haven’t thought about that place in a long time… was our pre-football game location… loved that place!

I was about 10 rows off court directly in line with Scottie and basket—emotions never experienced before or after,

I was at 29 Palms. Walked into the Warrior Club there, and they had several big screen TV’s turned to the game. I looked up and seen that very play, the whole club exploded with cheers. I watched the rest of the game. That was the only basketball I had saw that entire year.

Still don’t know how that ball got over Lang’s outstretched fingers. Even in that picture, it looks like Lang had it tipped, or at least deflected. Great bang-bang moment in Razorback history, for sure.