’24 QB target Michael Hawkins leaving Allen HS

Pay wall but he’s leaving the town because of a racial incident.

That’s sad.

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Yep. But completely unsurprising.

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Disgusting. It’s amazing how far the human race has come, but it can’t get away from racism.


Unreal. I am hear locally (15-20 minutes from HS) and hadn’t seen anything on this. They have lived in Allen since like 2011, so why is this crap coming up now with them! Either way, it is pathetic and too bad that they didn’t have security cameras to catch the idiots and send there arses to jail. Stuff like this just really twirks me man!

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Will it ever end, sad.WPS

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All it really takes is few teenagers, even 15 or 16-year olds, to pull off a stunt like this.

I wonder if it also couldn’t be fans of a rival school trying to get rid of the elite QB of their arch enemies?

This is true. But it’s doesn’t take a scientific rocket (see what I did there?) to recognize that overt, blatant racism is more acceptable and even applauded now than it was 10 years ago. Maybe it is a bad teenage prank. Maybe it’s a fan of the next high school over. But it can also be a redneck who thinks the DFW suburbs are reserved for white folks and he don’t want one of THEM living in his town.


Interesting that they were considering moving prior to this incident, albeit still in Allen but a different area. No issues for years and then all of a sudden this happens… don’t know but seems like not a local redneck in Allen but kids

I seriously doubt that, but I never doubt your mindset, sadly.

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The truth of the matter is that we don’t know who did it. Usually it is teenagers. When I was in high school in Arkansas, a guy in my class burned a cross in a Jewish family’s yard. He got in plenty of trouble over that (he should have). The family in Allen seems to have lived in the community for a long time. The player will get to transfer to another school, which the family might actually want or be okay with. Again, all speculation.

Could we please keep the politics and speculation about any crime without any facts off the forum?
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These incidents happen but fortunately infrequent in the Allen, Plano, & other No. Dallas suburbs - thanks to surveillance cameras. The cameras enabled the police to identify & arrest the 2 girls from a rival school whose vandalism were in efforts to falsely blame the local senior high school of being racist. As with the Allen HS QB, until you identify the culprit we often don’t know the motive behind it.

I hear Fayetteville is a nice place to live. Come on up Allens.

No because I have found that 10% of people are total idiots with no ability for rational thought.
The next 40 percent are uninformed and fueled by fear and tribalism. You just have to hope a majority are not hateful and think clearly from time to time.
The next 40 percent are intelligent, informed and keep the world flowing despite the previous 50%.
The other 10 percent are flat out evil, loud and active in trying to make trouble for the other 90%. You get rid of one of these guys and another seems to pop up. You just have to try and keep them from getting power, but too often they do.

Politics? I don’t see any politics in any post in this thread, unless you’d be raising hell about overt racism as political. I don’t see this as political at all. I see it as calling out sheer stupidity.

100% accurate.

Have you considered it could be both? Some may be ok acknowledging the wrongness of certain actions, but maybe not so much in the rest that often gets attached and often by the same poster(s).