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They have Arkansas’ recruiting class rated as #76 in the country. Is this rating realistic?

We were always going to have a small class, only about 15 recruits signing. Our lack of attrition, keeping players around four years, and giving scholarships to walkons and blueshirts put us in this position. Good or bad, that was done by the previous coaching staff. A team can only have 85 on scholarship.

The way the rating services rank teams recruiting, they don’t take an average. So if you have a small number of scholarships, 15 instead of 25, the school is automatically rated in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc. It’s not a reflection of how good the 15 players we signed. It’s a reflection of the fact we only have 15 signees when most everybody else has 25.

So ranking of our class means nothing this year.

You are correct Swag. When the Feb class signs, we’ll have a little better feel for the class, but it will be punished in the rankings for being small in size regardless of the quality of player or whether they met our needs…

If you look at 247, out beside the team they have an avg for the class. Our avg 86.62 ranks 12th in the SEC and 33rd overall. Obviously, that can go up or down. However, we only signed seven, the other three are just committed. Without those three our ranking goes from 76th to 100. Not sure if the avg goes up or down.

Edit: The avg would drop to 86.60. We would still be 33rd, as of now. Again, all subject to change before signing day.

I still question the recruiting rankings I remember we got a verbal commitment from a kicker a few years ago from Louisiana ,I believe, he was a 3 star . he decommitted from us and committed to Texas .The DAY after he committed to Texas the recruiting services bumped him up to a 4 star. ON the sports animal out of Tulsa Pat Jones said when he was coaching at OKLA. State He would see a recruit if he thought he was a good player and wasn’t rated very high he would call the recruiting service and tell them this player needs to be ranked higher and they would add a star to his ranking .

I’ve seen several sites update their rankings after the class played for one or two years. Example, Bama ranked number 2 in 09, after two years the rankings now say #1. Some of those players were three stars in 09, they are four stars now (again just an example, this did occur a few years ago, but it wasn’t Bama that got the bump). I’ve also, saw like you 3* committ to a school (Bama) and the next day, they get re-evaluated and become four stars. Then I’ve seen 4* committ to a school, like AR (P5, but not blue blood), then the next day they become a 3*.

Would like to see when and how these guys are evaluated, especially the day after they committ, and no camps are occurring and the season is over.

I did see a comment earlier on another site that said, our current ranking is based on receiving negative points for signing less than 20 players. Would like to know if that’s true, Dudley, RD, Matt, Clay?

Some of it has to do with the small number on the committed or signed list. Can’t have a high ranking with numbers this small. It will change as January visits happen.