23 WR Cole Adams

responded to my question about another visit to Arkansas

“No not a date yet but we will get it done sometime.”

He visited the Hill on Jan. 15.

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Small anecdote for you - periodically sits with the special education students at their lunch table. That’s another way of saying…great kid.

Surreal game speed - as a sophomore ran away from AJ Green when Green was on defense for Tulsa Union as a senior. That is impressive context for his “game speed.” Tough, bruising, runner with the ball in his hands.

Thought around NE OK to be waiting on OU. But, he and Luke Hasz are very close friends. He did love the Bama visit, too.


Is there video of Adams running away from Green, just get a proper perspective.

Jimbeau77, I searching for it. I saw it live on YouTube TV (that was the Covid year with limited live crowds).

Here are some sophomore year highlights - first might be vs Union, but I can’t tell: QwikGem | Cole Adams - YouTube

This is a playoff game last year vs Broken Arrow. He had two KO returns for TD and a punt return for TD called back. The video does a nice job of highlighting not only good blocking/poor coverage but also Adams breakaway speed. BA had two 4-star DBs (Rowe went to OU, Horn went to Texas Tech) but I don’t know if they are on coverage teams: Best shot is at ca 3min https://www.hudl.com/profile/13138610/Cole-Adams

JR year highlights, features his work as a holder and throwing and blocking as well: https://www.hudl.com/profile/13138610/Cole-Adams

His game speed is comparable to Satenga. That has been poo-pooed before, but you can line them up opposite of each other and see it. Adams might not have the long-spring speed, but is more of a bully with the ball. As an OU friend bemoans, “how is this kid not a 5-star?” Because he is 5-10 to 6-foot, not 6-3.

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There’s football speed in pads which this kid obviously has, then there’s track speed for the guys who can get flashy times when running half naked and no pads. But don’t seem to be as fast on the football field.

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interesting how much of a Bama favorite to commit the kid has become, that speaks volumes about football abiity.

On cue: Bill Haisten: As OU and OSU drag their feet, Alabama dazzles Owasso's Cole Adams

Pay wall. Can you give a quick review?

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Sorry, I don’t have a subscription via internet but it opens for me. Odd.

Cliff notes: Anyway, article compares him favorably (or superior to) the Presley brothers from Bixby who went to OSU. Notes Micah Tease and Luke Hasz as major talents, but that Adams is similarly impressive. Dad played at OU as a DB. Cole has a twin, Jake, who is a DB and kicker. Looks like the Stoops son who is now at OU, but faster, stronger, and still growing. Talks about how he can play anywhere on offense and fills in at DB late in close games.

Sorry about the paywall.

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