'23 big man visiting Hogs

2. Brandon Garrison, 6’8 Forward, Del City
Size will always be premium, that alone would place Garrison on this list. It’s what he already does with his size that has us already so high on his long term potential. The Del City Eagle has good natural fluidity to his movement. Which is shown in how he runs the floor and attacks the glass. There’s also a good foundation as a shot blocker. Offensively his touch doesn’t appear to be that great. Right now it appears he’s limited to be more of a rim runner and crashing the glass than as a post up threat.

The initial reaction after a recent viewing of Garrison was that of a young Kalib Boone, the current Oklahoma State standout. Boone is one of the most gifted shot blockers to ever come through Oklahoma and very well could have NBA potential. So comparing Garrison as a clone of him would be folly. But using the current Cowboy as an outline for what Garrison could become, it gives an understanding of why he could potentially be the best player in this class.

The young and gifted forward will likely be courted by regional high majors, sooner rather than later. It will be important for him to keep his feet on the ground when not only contesting shots, but also as the hype increases. In a couple recent games, Garrison played with obvious joy, humbleness and hunger. Those are important tenets of any prospect as the outside noise starts to seep in

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I check in with Brandon from time to time and he always talks bout how Arkansas stays in contact. No offer yet but…

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Arkansas officially offered today.


Looks good. Seems excited to receive an Arkansas offer.

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thankfully, but he seems to be a real physical kid which Muss always praises and seeks. Built for big boy basketball but still moves gracefully. Top of my most wanted list. Hard to figure why he was not immediately offered if that is a sign of love.

Still growing, from what I’ve read on another message board. Could be 6-11 by time he starts college.