22 of 24 NCAA appearances 77-2001. I want that

Spirit of Barnhill and BWA.

Four final fours, national title. National title runner up. Tournament expectations every year.

Anything less is unacceptable.

I want that back. Mike is family and I so root for him.

But this program is about so much more.

I want an Administration who accepts nothing less.

I’m with you Bush Hog. They seem so poorly coached sometimes!

To me it’s not coaching as much as program expectations.

At some point, we either forget our greatness or pull back on expectations.

For me, I honestly hope we remember our expectations over three decades past.

That’s who we are in my view.

The vase of Barnhill spirit. The sweat that built BWA.

We can never forget.

We have to get it back on die trying.

While we all want that kind of success it’s a lot to ask for. Back then we were winning and landed some ballers. Now the coaches are dealing with the new age of shoe money buying recruits and when light shine down in those whom pay they nothing happens!

Maybe some of the instate talents stays home. That’s our only true hope.

Maybe CMA cam adjust to the way the game has changed. What we’re seeing isn’t getting it done. There may be some short success but nothing will compare to the past!

I understand and appreciate this is hard.

I respectfully wonder if we are limited by expectations so much lower than a once proud program and fan base.

And it is a shame.

We are so much better than what we have settled to expect.

Careful, Bushhog. You might be accused of being an unrealistic hillbilly living in the past. Listen to Bo and his merry little band of millennial butt kissers for example. To them, the good days are gone. The state of our program will never get back to elite status. So we better get used to it. Of course they can go sleep on train tracks for all I care about thier opinions.

22 0f 24 years in the tournament and for most (or many) of those years starting with a much smaller field (i.e. harder to get in).