22% for Three Pointers Means We Lose

Kentucky is very good. They played well. We didn’t. If we were going to have a chance, we were going to have to shoot close to 50% for threes. We shot 22%. We would have had to stay reasonably close in rebounding, but we got outrebounded 40-26. Our guys played with way too much emotion and not enough smarts today. Lot’s of careless stuff and then the useless frustration and hard fouls at the end.

Agree with you SAC70.

Agree with the shooting being poor from 3 and everywhere else. But I guess you missed the throat slash that Kentucky did!
I guess you also missed the elbow to the head! So I don’t blame the players. Cal and Kentucky win with better top rated talent they will loose Monk, Bam and Fox and they will play in the D league next year! Our players were tires and not sharp and could not put the ball in the hole! We lost and we also had a great season so far!
We will probably play more games in the NCAA tournament than Kentucky. They won’t get by the trash against every team in the country.