#22 Boise St 14 - Portland St 10

In the 2nd qtr. might be a little better than some of you thought

I was avoiding posting that, figured it would jinx PSU! :slight_smile:

And just like that, TD BSU. :disappointed:

I figure they’ll pull away, but PSU is a little better than what everyone thought

Perhaps the most underrated team in CFB?

Teams with juniors and seniors are hard to beat regardless of level of classification as they are bigger and stronger and have seen it all by the time they are seniors. Portland has good coach too.

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Yep, kind of my point. People think they suck. They’re better than some on here thought. Can’t overestimate their experience. W KY has a lot of returning experience as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a close game as well.

45-10 …the line was 32.5…they pretty much sux :crazy_face:

Yeah but they beat Smokin Simon Fraser 70-7 last week. So there’s that.

They’re not a horrible team. No doubt one an SEC team should dominate worse than we did, but they’re not horrible. Lots of first games don’t go by the book. They’ll win several games this year.

I agree Northeast, other teams have players and practice too. As fans, we do not always give our opponents the credit and respect that is due.