22-30 318yds 4TDs No INTs

And this without Burks, Boyd or Henry.

Kudos to Felipe.


First Arkansas QB since Brandon Allen in 2015 with 300-plus yards passing and 4 TDs in a game. He has not been perfect by any means, but his quality play - and a number of other factors - has given the Razorbacks a shot to win games. Off the top of my head, can’t recall very many throws where I think, “That was a terrible decision.” That was a constant the last couple years.

Also, Franks has already thrown for 730 yards this season. Ben Hicks threw for 738 last year.


I wonder how Feliepe likes sitting on the bench while inexperienced QB’s take his snaps inside the 5? I still can not believe that happened again. I gotta think FF finds a way to get that ball in the end zone if given the chance.

I don’t like seeing Franks go to the sideline in the red zone! It sure hasn’t worked yet!

Felipe played a whale of a game.

Felipe looked gassed at end of the game on couple of our drives after running a lot. Good decisions yesterday but thought he held onto ball too long a few times. Agree that he should take all snaps in red zone going forward

What was wrong with Henry?

I saw Franks flexing his hand/wrist before that substitution. I thought it was a possible injury problem.

That is my thought as well. So it wasn’t that unreasonable to try Malik-- a risk, but you won’t know what reward you get out of it if you don’t try. My main problem with the results was that a QB run was too predictable–exacerbated by lack of a good fake to the RB. Let’s hope next time the QB won’t be so inexperienced by learning from this.

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