22-23 Team

I just watched coach Muss and players video. I have missed that. All are just so very impressive. If coach can keep all this young talent pulling together, these guys could be hard to beat come Jan. We all have to remind ourselves just to settle down and wait should they lose 2 or 3 in Maui. I could see that happening. I could also see them winning all 3. That will be a fun trip regardless. January is whole nother animal.

Heck, I am going to Maui and spending a fair amount of $ to do so. Hope I don’t get too caught up in the W & L, but we are going all that way, just as well win all and get in an early position for a great seed. It does start then.

I think we open with NDSU in BW. I told my NDSU sports fan that and he just moaned. NDSU has a pretty solid program. I said that and he said to play a coach Muss team is hard enough, but a coach Muss team full of 5*s is crazy hard. I told him they probably will not be playing well as a team then. He said great, we may can stay in the gym for 30 min but not 40. All of that just to point out that people as far away as Fargo, ND know what is going on in Fayetteville.


I get the sense from listing to the interview that Muss is a little frustrated with this team. He mentioned he has to keep going over the same things over and over and that he would have to have patience. I definitely think there will be growing pains with this team because there’s so many players that are new to the team and to get them all on the same page it’s going to take a while. The three-point shooting will definitely have to improve and the turnovers will have to cut down quite a bit. What I saw in Europe is the guys trying to play too fast trying to make a big play, all these guys are used to being highlight reel type players and that is not always good for team basketball. I have full confidence that he will get everybody straightened out before conference play rolls around.

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We all need to sit back and let this team mature… but come January or so, we should have a race horse on our hands. So glad basketball is in full swing.

From what Muss said this is the youngest team he has coached. Turnovers is his biggest concern. He mentioned that he normally has 5th year transfers on the team that are easily coachable and can become leaders. Most experienced transfer on this team is a junior. This season could be his best coaching job at Arkansas.

I can’t ever remember Muss being happy w the team this time of year. :grinning:

Yeah but he admitted this group is further behind that any of them because of the inexperience they have. That’s why he’s saying he is going to have to be patient because it’s probably going to take a while to get everything going smoothly.

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