22-23 schedule?

When will the schedule come out for next year’s bball season?

Games will become known on an individual basis throughout the summer. The full schedule won’t be released until late August or into September.

We know Arkansas will play three games in Maui the week of Thanksgiving and will play Oklahoma in Tulsa on the second Saturday in December.

So Tulsa is considered a neutral site or home game for Okla?

I went last year and it looked like a neutral site. It appeared both schools were given the same number of seats to sell.

It would’ve been nice if we showed up for that game. One of our worst performances last year.

For sure. Fans from both sides were great. Get a more competitive game going in front of those fans and the environment would be electric. Also hopeful there won’t be 4 different three-point lines on each end of the floor this December.

Don’t hold your breath on that one.