21 wins

Sold out areas, big crowds, exciting basketball, NCAA tournaments, great atmosphere, fun again. It just keeps on working.

Excitement is high.

Being a tournament program is fun.

Remembering our Arkansas program history and watching great Arkansas crowds again - the best in the country - while making the NCAA tourney - is what program is all about.

Why the dark days had to happen I don’t know.

But they feel further away in the rear view mirror now.

Watching fans and players have fun again is great to see - and how it should be.

It’s good seeing my friends back at games. I’ve held down the fort through the dark years and now they come waltzing back in. I’m glad they’re back.

The dark days were a result of years of determination to play smart basketball. It set the program back obviously to The Dark Ages. JMHO

School record for most home wins vs ranked teams. Pretty solid run for this group. Larry David Voice Pretty Pretty Pretty Good.

Roll to 22 saturday !!!