21-22 NCAA Champions in all D1 sports

Arkansas had a very good overall all-sport season, but the top eluded us in every sport

As I noted the other day, we’ll finish seventh in the Directors Cup when the final standings come out later this week. Ahead of several schools that got nattys, including OU, Clemson, Cal, Kentucky and Georgia.

Texas is going to win it for the second straight year. Stanford will be second. The next few in some order will be Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, UNC, us, Notre Dame and Kentucky. Second place in Omaha will vault OU into the top 10 but they won’t catch us or Kentucky. The Flopnecks will barely make the top 20.


ESPN usually shows Capital One Cup standings. I believe Director’s Cup gives equal points to all sports, whereas Capital One gives more points to higher profile sports. Arkansas does not show up in Top 10 of that list.

Capital One is paying for that, I’m sure. But we got top 8 in basketball and baseball and top 16 in softball so that should bump us up there.

I looked up the Capital One scoring structure. You have to be top 10 in a sport to score. We’ve been top 10 this month in softball, baseball, women’s track and men’s golf, so we should take a major jump in the final standings.

So UGA’s football natty counts the same as USC-west’s beach volley ball natty. Does Arkansas even have a rifle team, beach volley ball team, wrestling, lacrosse, bowling, water polo, rowing, skiing, or ice hockey team? I guess they include all of those “very minor” sport championships to encourage more schools to do more sports. Out of the 38 national championships on this list, we do either 17 or 18 depending on whether we have a women’s volleyball team. Less than half.

I’ve always wondered why the Director’s Cup ranks teams based upon total points vs. average points (total points divided by number of teams fielded).

Would seem to be a more even comparison between programs… :thinking:

It’s a good point. I don’t know that Arkansas offers enough sports to ever have a chance to be at the very top.

Arkansas has 19 sports.

Men: football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, outdoor track, indoor track, cross country

Women: basketball, softball, tennis, golf, outdoor track, indoor track, cross country, volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, swimming/diving

I meant to look up total wins in football, hoops and baseball. Lot of wins this year.

In Directors Cup, it does. In Capital One, it doesn’t. Cap One puts football, soccer, hoops, lacrosse and baseball/softball in Group B which is worth 60 points for a natty. Group A is 20 points for a natty. Also, Cap One has separate awards for men and women; DC combines them for one award.

Directors Cup also limits you to scoring in 19 sports, which happens to be the number we have. Four of those must be football, both flavors of hoops, and women’s volleyball. Then you take the best 15 of your remaining sports. Stanford and Ohio State have a lot of sports to choose from. We don’t. Texas only has 20, but obviously they did very well in the sports they have (compared to ours, they don’t have gymnastics but they do have rowing and men’s swimming, and they won the natty in rowing).

Texas doesn’t have gymnastics?

Not sure many years better. Maybe 79.

Nope. No flipping Longhorns.

Let’s see. We went to Omaha in the 78-79 school year and finished 49-15. Football went 9-2-1 in 78 and tied UCLA in the bowl game. Basketball went to the Elite Eight and finished 25-5. That’s a total of 83 wins.

This school year we went 9-4 in football, 28-9 in hoops and 46-21 in baseball. That’s also 83 wins.

In 1988-89: 10-2 in football, 51-16 in baseball, 25-7 in hoops. That’s 86. I believe there’s your winner.

Our school record for hoops wins was 1990-91, with 34. But the 1990 football team went 3-8 and '91 baseball went 40-22; total of 77.

Wow. That’s shocking. I wonder why?

There are only 81 women’s gymnastics teams in the entire NCAA. The number is small enough that they don’t have D-1, D-2, etc. If you have a team, you’re competing with OU and Florida and us.

I think it’s a Big 12 thing. OU, Iowa State and West Virginia are the only Little Dozen schools with gymnastics. Denver actually is part of the LD for gymnastics only.

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The NCAA limit for rowing is 20 scholarships, and they can be split up, like we do with baseball. Gymnastics is a head count sport. You have 12 scholarships; that means 12 girls, no more. So if you’re adding a women’s sport with Title IX in mind, rowing actually makes more sense than gymnastics. Some other SEC schools have equestrian; the limit there is 15 which can also be split up. Florida added lacrosse which is also 12 scholies to be divided.

The DC limit of 19 scoring sports at least gives us a chance (and obviously Texas has been able to win the DC with 20 sports). If they didn’t limit the number of scoring sports, we’d have no shot against Stanford or Ohio State, and neither would Texas. But if you only have 19 or 20 sports, you’d better get points from most of them. Last year we got points from 18 of our 19. This year it’s 17; volleyball and men’s tennis didn’t make the NCAA field. Texas will finish with well over 1400 points. Assuming that they scored in the maximum 19, that’s an average of more than 70 points per sport. You have to finish in the top 8 of a sport to get 70 points. So essentially they averaged Elite Eight in everything. Of course, four natties (= 400 points) bumped that up, but that’s still more than 1000 points for the other 15 sports.

The final DC standings were supposed to come out today or tomorrow; I guess it will be tomorrow. No idea when Cap One Cup will update.

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